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Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Chevy Chase received his stage name from a medieval English ballad.

How Chevy Chase Got His Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

Chevy Chase’s original name is Cornelius Crane. Chase was adopted by his grandfather who was also named Cornelius. His first name was taken from his adoptive grandfather while the name “Chevy” was given to him by his grandmother. His grandmother was an Opera Singer who would perform several times at Carnegie Hall. 

His grandmother, Cathalene thought “Chevy” would be a good name for her grandson considering his Scottish heritage and descendence. So, “The Ballad of Chevy Chase” gave this young future star a nickname. So, Chevy Chase is the one celebrity who was named after a medieval English ballad. 

Chevy Chase – Biography

Chevy Chase - Biography
Image Source: Wikipedia

Cornelius Crane Chevy Chase is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He started his comedy career with National Lampoon, an American humor magazine. Before that, he did a lot of jobs that didn’t work out for him.

Following his comedic success in National Lampoon, he joined the renowned late-night comedy TV show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), where he became a key cast member in the show’s first season. He would come live on the segment “Weekend Update”, which became why the show succeeded in the United States. 

Early Childhood

Chevy Chase was born on October 8, 1943. He grew up in Woodstock, New York. His parents divorced when he was just 4 years old which caused him to go through a rough childhood. 


Chevy Chase got his success from SNL and the National Lampoon. As he progressed through his writing and comedy career, more and more people acknowledged his efforts in the industry. He was nominated 5 times for the Emmys. Other than that, He won 3 Primetime Emmy Awards

Chevy Chase – Personal Life

Chevy Chase married Susan Hewitt in 1973. The marriage didn’t even last 3 years; the couple divorced in 1976. Later on, he married Jacqueline Carlin on December 04, 1976. This was Chase’s second marriage, but that, too, didn’t last long. He divorced Carlin in 1980. 

His third marriage was with Jayni Luke which took place in 1982 in Pacific Palisades. Chevy Chase Currently has Three Daughters. The family currently lives in Bedford, New York.

Chevy Chase and SNL – A Weird Love Story

It was 1976 when Chevy Chase decided to leave SNL. It was a huge shock for the late-night show as he was the first original cast member to leave the show in the middle of the 2nd season. (he did make some cameo appearances in the show)

After he left the show, the stepped into Hollywood on the basis of his SNL fame. As he got here and there, he ended up hosting SNL for eight seasons until he was banned from the show. He was accused of harassing female writers and most importantly, he hit Cheri Oteri on her head. Damn!

When SNL creator and show runner Lorne Michaels heard about this news, he was shocked and immediately banned Chevy Chase from his show. 

Even after Chevy Chase was banned from SNL, he did continue to make some appearances such as on SNL’s 25th-anniversary episode in 1999.

His most memorable appearances include Caddyshack Skit in which Bill Murray was a show guest. 

Chevy Chase – Filmography

At first, Chevy Chase’s films weren’t so popular. Wikipedia called his first three films “Flops”. 

Nothing But Trouble – A 1991 dark comedy film starring Chevy Chase was a huge flop. Razzie Award nominated this film as well. (Razzie Award is for worst films lol)

Memoirs of an Invisible Man – a 1992 comedy drama film starring the SNL host also got nominated for the Razzie Award. 

Cops & Robbersons – a 1994 crime comedy starring Chevy Chase, too, couldn’t survive the Razzie Award nomination. 

Vegas Vacation – a 1997 comedy film by Chevy Chase tasted some success. Let’s say that it was Chase’s first ever film to perform well in Hollywood. The film grossed $36.4 Million at the box office.

He did make some appearances after these movies as well but these movies couldn’t make it to mainstream Hollywood. In 2006, he came back to Hollywood hoping to make it big this time. He starred in Zoom – another comedy film – with other co-stars Courteney Cox and Tim Allen but this film, too, was a flop. 

Final Words

Chevy Chase got his name from a Medieval English Ballad. It was his maternal grandmother who thought this name would be perfect as the kid had Scottish roots. His early career was a great success as he hosted SNL and got a lot of fame due to his humor and charm as he interviews celebrities on the show. 

Later on, he was banned from the show due to his “idiotic” behavior towards female members. His film career has not been a success, too.

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