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Marisol Yotta | Wife of German Billionaire Bastian Yotta [Wiki, Net Worth, Bio]

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Marisol Yotta is an American model, entrepreneur, and content creator who is married to a German billionaire Bastian Yotta.

There are many Instagram models in the world that are seeking rich men, but Marisol Yotta seems to have secured one for herself. Despite her posting bold pictures on her social accounts, Bastian seems to have no problem with her professional career.

In this article, we will tell you in detail all there is to know about this sizzling Instagram model.

Who is Marisol Yotta?

Marisol Ortiz, now Marisol Yotta, is a Mexican model, social media influencer, and Marisol Yotta Onlyfans star who got her popularity from her empowering content and her marriage with Bastian Yotta, who happens to be a billionaire from Deutschland.

Who is Marisol Yotta?

Due to her bold acts on social media accounts, especially Instagram, she has been banned many times, and even now, she has more than two Instagram accounts for backup purposes.

Her Modeling Career

Even though she has thousands of followers on Instagram, she is not only an Instagram model but also has contracts with modeling agencies from Dubai, the US, and Germany.

Marisol Yotta Modeling Career

She has already collaborated with a lot of brands and agencies online to promote their products and services. Additionally, she travels to a lot of places to model and promote tourism. A lot of tourism agencies are in touch with her to promote their services and home countries. 

Why is Marisol Yotta So Popular?

Some would say that Marisol is popular for her steamy pictures on her social accounts, specially Onlyfans and Instagram, but we would argue that she is getting more media attention because she is now married to a German billionaire Bastian Yotta.

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The fact that Marisol became popular just because of her husband’s wealth isn’t true. She was already popular on Instagram, and when she had plastic surgery of her parts, her followers dramatically increased on her social accounts.

Her marriage with Bastian Yotta only increased her popularity on the internet.

Her Popular in Germany

Yes, after her marriage to the German billionaire Bastian Yotta, the Instagram star is getting way more popular in Germany than before.

Marisol and Bastian Yotta Marriage

Back in May 2021, Marisol Yotta and Bastian Yotta tied the knot in Santa Monica, California. The reason why the couple didn’t get married in Germany is still a mystery.

Marisol and Bastian Yotta Marriage

We can see in the picture above that Bastian is proposing to Marisol on a beach. Turns out, the proposal was so romantic that Marisol said YES. They both got married after that and are now living a happy life. 

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Before their marriage, they used to date each other, and their marriage is proof that they were not messing around – they were actually serious about each other and tied the knot as soon as the time was right.

Marisol Yotta Getting Popular in Germany

Marisol Yotta Body Transformation and Plastic Surgery

Marisol is also known for her “inspirational” body transformation – she used to look completely different from what she looks now. 

This is what she looked like before her plastic surgery:

Marisol Yotta Body Transformation and Plastic Surgery

After she had her plastic surgery, she is now a completely different person from what she was before. 

According to Marisol, she spent $50,000 to transform her body.

According to Marisol, she spent $50,000 to transform her body.

After that, she said that she had “breast fragmentation” in 2020.

After that, she said that she had “breast fragmentation” in 2020.

Marisol Yotta – Biography

Marisol Yotta was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, on June 25, 1991. Some say that her birthplace is California, and she was raised in Mexico. Her parents are Christian, and she also follows her parents’ religion.

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Her birth name is Marisol Ortiz – after her marriage to Bastian Yotta, she changed her name to Marisol Yotta. Currently, her main Instagram account has more than 133k followers. This is a lot considering that she was banned from the platform several times.

Marisol Yotta Wiki/All Info Summarized

Full Name Marisol Yotta aka Queen M
ProfessionModel, Influencer, Onlyfans Star
Place of BirthCalifornia, USA
Date of Birth June 25, 1991, 
Current ResidenceLA, USA
Raised [Hometown]Chihuahua, Mexico
Net Worth$7 million
AchievementsTop 0.05% on OF
Zodiac SignCancer
EducationBachelor + Master’s in Health and Nutrition

Fun Fact: Apart from her original name Marisol, she is also widely known as her nickname Queen M on her social accounts.


When she was 20, she moved to California in 2011, where she studied at the California State University Long Beach – she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and dietetics

After that, she enrolled herself at the University of Southern California, where she completed her Master’s in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity.

Even though she has a successful modeling career, she is also very educated, and her resume is a reflection of that.

Why Modelling and Why Not a Career in Health and Nutrition?

Marisol wanted to explore new things in life. For that, she transformed her body as well. Even though she could have a well-paying career in Health and Nutrition, she wanted to follow her passion, modeling. She seems to be doing fine in her career.

Why Modelling and Why Not a Career in Health and Nutrition?

She once posted on her Instagram profile a quote that has become her identity all over the internet. 

“Life is like a camera; focus on what’s important… capture the good times… and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.”

Marisol Yotta Siblings and Parents

Upon doing a lot of research on the internet, we were unable to extract that information. Marisol has been successful in keeping this information hidden from the media. As soon as there is a development about her personal life, we will update that in this article. 

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What we do know about her parents is that her father is an American businessman, but his actual identity is still unknown to everyone. 

Marisol Yotta Net Worth

According to Marisol Yotta, she has a net worth of $7 million. She makes her money from Instagram and Onlyfans.

In 2022, Marisol Yotta has a successful career in modeling, and her influential thoughts are taking her places. Her being married to a German billionaire has also impacted her wealth.

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