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How tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger: Revealing the truth

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
Suleman Siddiqui, an accomplished editor, navigates the realms of celebrity, lifestyle, and business with a distinctive flair. His insightful writing captures the essence of the glamorous world of celebrities, the nuances of contemporary lifestyles, and the dynamics of the ever-evolving business landscape. Siddiqui's editorial expertise combines a keen eye for detail with a passion for storytelling, making him a sought-after voice in the realms of entertainment, luxury living, and commerce.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for many things. He is an Australian-American bodybuilder, an actor, a producer, a politician, a businessman, an Internet sensation, and most importantly, an all-around cultural icon. Yet one mystery is always there about him how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger. And actually, there is no evidence about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s real height.

No one really knows how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger, although he has gained name and fame among the most physically polished human being that has ever stepped foot in the Hollywood film industry. He is the man who was once called the Austrian Oak has tried to talk about his height himself many times.

He has also given statements such as – “I’m 6ft 2in. I have also heard some rumours that I am actually much shorter in real life, like 5ft 6in or something like that. And which seems certainly ridiculous.

Somewhere he added the statement – “People look up to me not just because I do a lot of work in society. I mean, most people really look up to see me.” This means because of his tall appearance; people look up to him. The only thing is the internet is not easily convinced by it.

The question on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height seems like it came from a clash between his reputation as an immense bodybuilder-turned-actor. Also, his seemingly average height gives the action icon a distinctly low-set outward show. (If he were not so ragged, then would anyone has even noticed it

The result is limitless stories of how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger or Arnie is shorter than you think for such a screen giant, and a confusing stream of contradictory heights filling up the web.

Let’s just try to figure out this mystery of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most talked about height and its real side.

Testimonies that show Arnold Schwarzenegger is tall enough:

Testimonies that show Arnold Schwarzenegger is tall enough
Source: Greatest Physiques

There is a photo that proves that provides an approximate answer to the most asked question, ‘how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger‘.

  • The picture shows Arnie surpassing over 5ft 7in – 5ft 10in tall action star Sylvester Stallone.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son claimed his official height is 6ft 2in (188cm 1.88m). Nevertheless, his page, one of the most visited on the entire site, lists this star as having now shrunk to 6ft 1in (186cm or 1.86m).
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past competitive bodybuilder Vince Basille gives evidence that he had personally measured Arnie in 1969 and recorded his height of 6ft 1.5in (187cm or 1.87m) that time.
  • Arnie is known to have the legs of a tall man and is supposed to be as long as a 36in the bounds of leg measurement. He was the target of criticism because of his legs during his early bodybuilding career. His legs looked underdeveloped, most likely due to their extra length.
  • In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “The New Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding”, he confesses that he is having what he is being called “hanging shoulders” that are low on his torso. The shoulders are known to act as involuntary markers while estimating height, which could be the result of lower estimation for Arnold’s height.

Proofs showing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is short:

  • Another photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger with Sylvester Stallone shows both of them with the same height, which is putting people into a dilemma.
  • Figures from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, also called Austrian Oak bodybuilding days, show his height as anywhere between 5ft 10in (178cm or 1.78m) and 6ft 2in (188cm or 1.88m), but there is no consent of it.
  • A Men’s Health magazine once alleged that they had discovered the answer of how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger and claimed that Arnie was 5ft 10in.
  • Bob Mulholland, who is a political activist and former advisor of the California Democratic Party, has also claimed ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger was 5ft 10in only, and he wears elevating in his boots’ to look taller than his actual height.
  • Some articles of The Daily Mail and Time Out in 1988 both proposed Arnold Schwarzenegger was considerably shorter than he appears anyway.
  • In the DVD commentary for ‘Conan: The Destroyer’ movie, Sarah Douglas, an actress with 5ft 10in height, frankly talks over a scene from the movie where she comes out to be taller than Arnie, saying that he is not taller than her in real life. And she has got high heels on; hence, she was amazed he allowed that to happen.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is also known to wear power-heeled shoes that can delicately add an average of around two into a person’s tallness. Why would a tall man need these so-called magic shoes to elevate their heights? And alongside this, people still wonder how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Some of his fans have also noticed his backcombed hairstyle that has become increasingly taller as he is getting aged. This tactic is potentially adding a few precious centimetres to his appearance.
  • As per the US Television actor Kevin Sorbo who is actually 6ft 3in (191cm or 1,91m) tall, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height is around 5ft 11in real.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height and related controversy:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s claimed official height of 6ft 2in (188cm or 1.88m) is a question till now. People are not getting over how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Back in the time around the late 1960s, some bodybuilders substantiated that the height of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he competed in bodybuilding competitions was measured 6ft 1.5in (187cm or 1,87m).

Further, in 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger was much pulled down in two magazines. One was ‘Daily Mail’ and another was ‘Time Out’. Before he became governor, his growth was suspected in an article published in the ‘Chicago Reader’.

Later as a governor, he got into a quarrel with a member of the California State Assembly named Wesson. The quarrel was related to their height. Here Wesson made an attempt to answer the most asked question about Arnold Schwarzenegger, that is how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it was all waste of time. He proposed to solve this mystery of growth once and for all with the help of a tailor’s measurement. Schwarzenegger also placed a prop up with his words as “Need to lift?” on a chair fabricated for Wesson, whose height is measuring 5ft 5in (165cm 1.65m) in that negotiation session happening in his office.

The discussions on the question of how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger about Schwarzenegger be brought about in the establishment of a website that was exclusively dedicated to solving the issues and queries related to his height. The website was named Arnold Height. Another website named published the article about the height of Schwarzenegger, and that is also most often visited by people.

The Men’s Health magazine maintains that the real height is 5’10 “. According to studies that used Arnold’s photos and videos from his youth and based on which he estimated the relative error of his height, the arithmetic average was 190 cm + / -3.25 cm.

As per the studies and research on the pictures and videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger right from his younger life, he is anticipated that there is some relative error of 190cm +/- 3cm in his height.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding to acting:

Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked off carrying out bodybuilding practice when he was just 15 years old boy.

Later at the age of 20, he won the title of Mr Universe. Also, he received the award for Mr Olympia all seven times. Along with persisting as an outstanding name in bodybuilding, he also practised writing many books and articles and columns in magazines on information related to bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger successfully made his place in The Arnold Sports Festival, which is taken into account as the second most important bodybuilding event so far. He is significantly believed among one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time and among the most captivating ambassador of this bodybuilding as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger began his career as an actor in America in spite of the great success he has achieved in bodybuilding. At the beginning of his career as an actor, no one would be able to pronounce his name. Therefore, in his first movie named “Hercules in New York,” he assumed the nickname as the “Arnold Strong”.

In his acting career, he has acted in more than 40 films. However, he made his name and fame with his role in the movie “Terminator” which was directed by James Cameron. With the fame, he also made his name in many controversies because of the question of how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only did he appear in many actions and science-fiction movies, but he was also part of the comedy genre movies. He is well known for movies such as “Kindergarten Cop”, “Twins”, or “Junior”, and many more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was an honorary president and has supported the ‘Special Olympics’ since the 1970s and also managed to bring it to Austria in 2017. That is how Arnold Schwarzenegger provided an international background structure for running games when he brought the “Special Olympics” to Austria with his efforts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected as Governor of California with more than 48% of the total votes on 7 August 2003. He made various modifications that helped him in his re-election for the same position of governor in 2007. Arnold’s commitments and enthusiasm for dealing with environmental problems made him a media favourite figure as well as a warrior for a healthier and superior world for all of mankind. During this time also the most common and repeatedly asked quires about him was how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger. In spring 2013 he, founded and participated in the R20 conference in Vienna.

All this while he has taken a long break from the entertainment industry. But after this long break from the industry and acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger restarted with Sylvester Stallone in “Escape Plan” in the year 2013. Afterwards, he remained in the entertainment industry and pursued his film career in productions such as. He started as a producer for movies such as “The Last Stand”, “Expendables”, and “Maggie”. Many of his films as a producer are still planned, and the last film release was “Terminator Genesis” in 2015.

Let’s try to know how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger:

As movie-admirers, bodybuilding fans, and the people of California have looked up to Arnold Schwarzenegger admired him for more than 40 years. However, how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger? One constant thing that people are keen to know about and his exact height has always been of interest.

As a chief male from Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger has impressed audiences with his robust Austrian accent and flawless acting skills. Some of the greatest hits of his career are Predator, The Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and Commando, and many more to count are deep-seated in the greatest memories of the audience. Moreover, when Arnold stands by the sides of villains in his movies, they often appear small because of his toned and well-maintained body structure. As an example, consider Terminator 2 for a movement. In the movie, Arnold overshadowed the T-1000 with his massive physique and personality, despite the fact that the T-1000 was a scary entity and could easily yell anyone’s soul out of the body.

Now comes the main point to answer how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are one of those who think that Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000, looked small at 6ft, then let’s compare Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height with other celebrities and actors of his time. For instance, take Sylvester Stallone, a great bodybuilder, an amazing actor, director, and producer from New York who took the stage by the storm of his blockbuster movies like ‘Rocky’. So, the point is by watching this movie; one can easily determine that Sylvester Stallone has got a really considerable body and height. And if this is what exactly comes up in your mind, then take a closer look at when Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are standing next to each other.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were renowned as the largest Hollywood action stars of the film industry in the era of 80s and 90s. If truth be told, these two were the men who changed the genre of action stars and were convinced that it needed to be larger than life. If anyone looks at them precisely when they are standing together, the person can easily spot who is taller between the two of them. With a height of 6ft 2in, Schwarzenegger is definitely taller than Sylvester Stallone. However, Sly Stallone only appears a few inches shorter than him in those photos. This is because Sylvester Stallone wears elevator shoes, but he is usually 5’9, but in many photos, he looks approx. 6ft tall.

Not a satisfying reason for those who believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not tall as he appears then, let’s compare one more action star with Arnold Schwarzenegger to answer precisely how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Look at any picture of Arnold standing with Hollywood superstar Jason Statham.

Jason Statham is actually 5ft 10in, and the photos are a great representation of their heights because Jason does look 4 inches shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What claims does Arnold Schwarzenegger make on his height?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s well-known history is that he is an impressive bodybuilder who makes many people and his fans who had seen him on or off screens make an assumption about his height. Generally, people think that he must tower over ordinary men because he is a bodybuilder.

And most importantly, he agrees on his personal website and according to Chicago Readers that his height is listed as 6ft and 2in tall. Also, he does not accept people with reports showing him shorter than what he claims.

Normally, people accept Arnold Schwarzenegger as the authority on himself. Some calls about his height have been taken and repeated on many online channels that include BodyBuilding Universe, Celeb Guru, and Muscle Memory, and many more just to answer people not so important question about how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Many reports claim that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not as tall as he shows himself. Also, there are many people or his fans who constantly try to prove that he is 6ft 2in tall. What the exact truth is no one knows except Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, so a close answer to the question of how tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger can be given as he is in between 5ft 9in and 6ft 2in.


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