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Who is Melissa Debling?

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Melissa Debling is a British model who is also well-known on Instagram. Known for her gorgeous form and accentuated curves, she has been a part of the slow but steady rise to super-stardom in the glamour modeling world since she began posing for magazines like Nuts and ZOO when she was just a teenager. However, Melissa D possesses a number of additional outstanding physical characteristics that distinguish her from other women that appear in men’s magazines.

First and foremost, she is an absolutely stunning blonde. As a result of her distinctive act of biting her buttocks while being photographed, which most men find attractive, she has gained a great deal of popularity as well. In addition, her curves do not end at her buttocks, as she has an outstanding buttock to go along with them, which is a major selling point in the United Kingdom, at least in terms of physical attractiveness.

Even though Melissa D began modeling for Nuts in 2010 as a New Nuts lady, she went on to gain popularity through ZOO the following year, when she was voted the winner of the magazine’s Babe Election. This resulted in her being featured on the cover of the magazine, as well as the two of them signing a deal together.

Even though she went on to sign with sausage, it was her huge triumph in ZOO that put her on the globe. Then, in order to push her profession to the next level, she launched her own official website. This decision increased her vulnerability even more, and it is a key reason why she is such a highly sought-after model today.

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Melissa Debling’s Professional Life

Melissa Debling’s Professional Life

Melissa Debling is a well-known figure in the social networking world. She began publishing her calendars in 2011 and launched her website in 2013. She has now expanded her product line. It was when she was a young woman that she began modeling professionally. Since she made several enticing appearances in front of the camera, she has been able to show off her incredible curves. She currently has thousands of followers on her Instagram profiles, which she created herself.

Facts about Melissa Debling

  • While she was lounging outside, she made a habit of flashing her curves.
  • Her relationship with her family is really strong.
  • She has a sultry, smoldering, and voluptuous body type to match.
  • Adding photographs to her Instagram account is something she’s become fascinated with doing.
  • She has a strong affection for animals.
  • Traveling and photography are two of her favorite pastimes.
  • Every time she poses for a photograph, she appears to be blazing hot.
  • She has been working as a model for quite some time. Melissa is presently under the representation of the modeling agency Girl Management.
  • On the covers of various well-known ZOO magazines, the Daily Star, and numerous Australian newspapers, she has made a strong impression. For numerous decades, she has published a complete calendar version of her artwork.
  • She has also worked on the gender-specific television show Elite TV.

General Information about Melissa Debling

  • Birthname – Melissa Debling
  • Nickname- Melissa D
  • Birthday- 21 February 1989
  • Birthplace – Ramsgate, Kent, England
  • Age- 32 years
  • Profession- Instagram Model and Bristish Star
  • Religion- Christianity
  • Zodiac Sign- Pisces
  • Race- White
  • Net worth- $100K
  • Marital Status- Single
  • Sexuality- Straight
  • Height- 165 cm
  • Weight- 57 kg
  • Dress size- 04
  • Shoe Size- 07
  • Body Measurements- 32-27-32
  • Bra size- 36F
  • Hair color- Blonde
  • Eye color- Blue
  • Favorite color- Red and Blue
  • Favorite Destination- Croatia
  • Hobbies- Travelling and Photoshoot


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