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When And How To Use Gabor Granger Pricing Technique?

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Gabor Granger is a questionnaire research method to determine the best pricing for a product and service. Respondents are asked to rate a succession of pre-defined price ranges in a Gabor Granger inquiry. Hence, the data is used to create a price elasticity and identify the price level that maximizes income.

When Should The Gabor Granger Pricing Technique Be Used?

Gabor Granger is most commonly used in price research to address the following three questions:

  • Can an item’s price be raised without harming sales? (demand)
  • At which price point does demand begin to fall precipitously?
  • What is the pricing that yields the most predicted revenue?

This method is useful for price research in the following categories:

  • You have a well-known product that has to be optimized for a projected price rise.
  • You are a well-established corporation trying to upgrade an existing design and looking into new pricing for the enhanced product.
  • The pricing points for the item under consideration are all less than $25. Van Westendorp has become too onerous for responders at this pricing.

How To Make A Gabor Granger Poll?

To make a Gabor Granger survey, you first have to build a survey and then insert the Gabor Granger questions wherever you wish. Each pricing point you provide includes an extra input for additional display text. This additional information is important for indicating the current kind of purchase (gg monthly, per box, per movie, etc). You may also change the text of the “Yes” and “No” buttons.

We recommend limiting the number of pricing tiers to no more than 20. Anything over 20 levels necessitates greater concentration from responders, resulting in poor information quality. Pricing strategies should be close enough together to prevent reduced data. A streaming platform, for instance, would never require a pricing range of $5 to $500 per month.

To acquire relevant findings, a Gabor Granger should pick up at least 100 replies. You’d need at least one hundred (100) replies from both men and women if you intended to segment the data by gender, for instance.

The Gabor Granger issue also has the option of resetting the displayed pricing. When a Gabor Granger question is marked as necessary, the reply must be considered all of the available options. This guarantees that the maximum allowed price point may be determined, completing the inquiry.

Segmentation Analysis

The Gabor Granger output must be analyzed for two separate categories, like gender and specific uses. The option to construct a Gabor Granger segment report is exclusive to surveying. Make sure to provide a multiple-choice question in your survey to capture the topics you’re looking into. This question should be asked before the Gabor Granger question. For each area, the segmentation analysis will create a distinct pricing curve and summarizing tables.

Wrapping Up!

A pricing inquiry used in survey research to measure the price of products and services is known as the Gabor-Granger pricing approach. Gabor Granger modeling improved research efficacy and boosted our customer’s end result, and it became an important element of their price research.

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