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Riko Shibata: Nicholas Cage’s Fifth Wife, Age, Biography, and Profession

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Riko Shibata is the wife of film star Nicholas Cage and is 30 years younger than Nicholas Cage. The couple got married back in February 2021.

Who is Riko Shibata?

Riko Shibata is a famous Japanese entrepreneur and celebrity and is now known for being the wife of Ghost Rider actor Nicolas Cage. Riko is originally from Kyoto, Japan, and after getting married to Cage, she moved to the US with her husband.

Nicholas Cage is a legendary Hollywood actor known for famous film franchises like Vampire’s Kiss, Red Rock West, Honeymoon in Vegas, and many more. With those films and projects, he has won a good number of awards, such as an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, etc. 

When it comes to his current wife, Riko Shibata, no detailed information about her career is known to the general public at the moment.

This article is all about her way with her husband, Nicolas Cage, and how the couple met. Another big mystery is Riko Shibata’s aga, which is going to be solved in this article.

Riko Shibata – Early Life & Childhood

Riko was born to a Japanese family in Kyoto, Japan. Her exact date of birth is still unknown to the internet. Some say that her DoB is January 10th, 1993. Another source tells us that she was born on April 19th (not exactly sure). Since her birth, she has been living in Japan.

Education and Career

Since her birth, she has been living in Kyoto – she also completed her early education in that city. Her university education is also from Japan – which university and major are still unknown. After her graduation, she didn’t take any job in the corporate sector. Instead, she chose to be an entrepreneur and has been very successful.

Riko Shibata Age

Riko Shibata is 29 years old. She was born in 1993 – her exact DoB is still unknown. She is 30 years younger than her husband, Nicolas Cage. 

Riko Shibata – Personal Information / Wiki

Regarding her personal life and family, Riko lived with her parents of mixed Asian descent. Her family was well-settled in Japan. She follows her parents when it comes to religion – Christianity. 

Her sibling and parent’s name, etc., is not yet known. She has been successful in keeping this information private. 

Nicolas Cage & Riko Shibata

Nicolas Cage & Riko Shibata
Image source: Getty Images

Since 2021, Nicolas Cage and Riko Shibata have been together, and the marriage is going great. On February 16, 2021, the couple married at a Vegas resort. The Daily Mail reported that Cage and Shibata got married at the Wynn Casino and Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The date of their marriage holds a special place in Cage’s heart. His father was also born on February 16th – he chose the date of their marriage to honor his dad. 

“After the wedding, the happy couple was joined for a small celebration attended by Nicolas’ ex-wife, Alice, and their son Kal.”

Nicolas Cage Kids

Currently, Nicolas Cage has three children. His first son is Weston Coppola Cage. He is also an actor and is 31 years old. Weston is from Christina Fulton. (a well-known actress)

His second child is Kal-El Coppola Cage, who is from Nicolas Cage’s third wife, Alice Kim. Kal-El is 18 years old.

Riko Shibata gave birth to his third child – a daughter and named her August Francesca. August was born on September 7, 2022. It was January 2022 when the couple publicly announced that they were expecting a baby.

“My boys are all grown up, and I miss going to the toy store. I miss singing lullabies and rocking in the rocking chair… I’m looking forward to getting back to that,” he said. 

How Did Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata Meet?

Nicolas Cage was shooting his film Prisoners of the Ghostland in Shiga, Japan, where their mutual friends introduced the couple. Riko and Nicolas liked each other and developed a bond over their obsession and love for animals. Yes, they both loved animals.

Over the years, Cage has owned a lot of pets – a two-headed snake and an octopus. “We met in Japan, and I thought she was stunning when I met her… We had a lot in common. She likes animals too. So, I asked her, ‘Do you have any pets?’ and she said, ‘Yes, I have flying squirrels.’ She had two sugar gliders,” said Nicolas Cage in an interview with The Outlet. “I thought, ‘That’s it. This could work out,” he added. 

Fast forward to February 2021, the couple got married in Las Vegas.

How Did Nicholas Cage and Riko Shibata Meet?
Photo Courtesy: Wynn Hotel Vegas

Nicolas Cage is a Family Man

According to Nicolas Cage, family always comes first. In an interview, Nicolas Cage said that there is no version of him that doesn’t want to spend time with his children. He always put family over his career. This is a lot coming from an actor of his caliber. 

He said that he turned down Lord of the Rings and The Matrix as he would have to go to New Zealand for three years and Australia for three years as well – he instead chose to spend time with his son Weston. “That’s a fact,” said Nicolas Cage. 

Riko Shibata Is Nicolas Cage’s Fifth Wife.

Yes, you heard that right. Nicolas Cage got married for the fifth time and this time, it was Riko Shibata. Previously, he got married to Alice Kim, Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley, and Erika Koike. 

Riko Shibata – Body Dimensions

Height5’ 5” (165 cm or 1.65m)
Weight50 kg or 110 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size5 (US)
PiercingOnly ear piercing is known
Eye colorBlack

Riko Shibata Net Worth

Riko is roughly worth $2 million. As she is an entrepreneur and the wife of a world-famous actor, what she is worth after marriage cannot be determined. Nicolas Cage is worth more than $25 million.

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