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How to Care for Your Engagement Ring? 8 Tips to Keep Them Forever

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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You may have heard the phrase, ‘Diamonds are forever.’ But what goes down in the process of keeping them shiny and sparkly forever is a different story. 

Everyone talks about the proposal and the carat of the diamond. On the other hand, nobody talks about maintaining the shine and gleam of the stone and the band.

A diamond ring is the most cared for and cosseted jewelry article in all the collection. Because of the sentimental value, nobody wants this expensive purchase to lose its value and luster. 

So, how can you take the best care of your engagement ring? This post covers different ways to keep your jewelry safe from losing its luster.

But before that, let’s understand the components of the ring.  

Understanding the Elements of the Ring 

The ring comprises two elements – the stone and the band. Often the design varies in rings, such as cluster stones, indents on the band, and full-spectrum rings.

The Band

Usually, the band is the major part of the ring. They may not be prominent, but they complement the ring equally. Most of the time, titanium, tungsten, steel, or zirconium are used in creating the band.

The Stone

It is the jewelry’s main feature and the most focused element. The cut and shine of the diamond depend on some elements down the lane. Either you have a naturally sourced diamond or lab-created diamond jewelry; both require the same regimen of attention and care.

8 Tips to Keep Them Forever

You may not realize it but some small things you do in your routine life gradually strip the band or stone’s shine. Read on to know more.

8 Tips to Keep Them Forever

1. Don’t Swim With it

Most women report losing their ring on vacation. If your ring comes off effortlessly, it is very easy to lose it when swimming. Moreover, the chemical in the water will slash the shine of the band and the stone.

However, if you are swimming in the ocean, there is a higher risk of losing a ring as compared to the pool. 

That’s because ocean water lowers the body temperature, especially salty waters. It is highly likely that the finger may shrink in size and the ring can slip away. And, if you lost your ring in the ocean, you may not be able to recover it. 

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Therefore, it is best to put them in the locker in your room before heading out swimming. If your day comprises any adventure sports, it’s best to leave it in the locker.

Many women prefer to leave their rings at home when flying to another country. The idea of losing the ring in a different country is very daunting and scary.  

2. Store it Properly

It is wise to put the ring in the jewelry box, but storing it with other jewelry may develop scratches and whatnot. You can either use the ring case it came with to keep it away safely. This way, you can protect the band and the stone from bumping into other rings.

Alternatively, you can invest in a velvet ring case, which will be space-saving. A velvet ring holder will keep the rings from bumping into other rings, hence no scratches.

3. Keep it Away From Chemicals and Detergents

Each time you are doing dishes or cleaning the oven grime, the oven and dishes sparkle. But the band and diamond are stripped off the layer and lose their shine gradually.

Some shampoos and shower gel can also impact the stone or metal. Hence if unsure about the acidity of the shampoo or shower gel make a habit of removing jewelry before you hop into the shower.

So whenever dealing with cleaning agents, make it a habit to remove the jewelry and keep it safe.

4. Purchase Jewelry Dishes   

You are the only person who knows when and why you remove the rings. For instance, before showering, before heading out to gardening, cleaning around the kitchen, or painting.

When you have identified these spots, you can buy jewelry dishes and place them around the house. Also, if you cannot find the ring, you know to look in these designated places around the house.

Humans are creatures of habit.

So eventually, you will develop the habit of only placing the ring in a jewelry dish before starting anything that requires removing the ring.

5. Have it Insured

It is one of the most expensive purchases. Nobody is judging you for going all out to purchase it. But it would be extremely foolish not to get insurance as soon as the hype around the proposal settles.

Also, make a habit of getting the diamond appraised. The price and value of the precious metals and stones appraise every couple of years.

6. Have it Inspected

Similarly, make it a habit to get the ring inspected by an expert. The prongs of the stones require a professional inspection from time to time. If you are not aware of the prong losing its grip, you may lose the stone anywhere without even realizing it for hours.

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Just like you need a day at the salon to pamper and reset similarly, the ring also needs its session. The only difference is that these sessions come after years.

7. Don’t Expose it to Extreme Temperature

You should pay heed to rapidly changing temperatures. It is not a given, but there are chances that it may cause damage to the stone. For example, the rapid temperature change may crack the diamond or warp the band.  

If you suspect any such interactions, it is best to keep your rock safely in the velvet case at home.

8. Maintain It

The band needs more attention in terms of shine. If the band has a white gold setting, it dulls with time. However, an occasional soak in baking soda can remove the grime in prongs. Also, you can bring the shine of the band with a little warm water soak.

After a couple of years, the rhodium plating over white gold or other metals fades. So as the ring goes for expert inspection, after a year or two, get the new rhodium plating for the shine that complements the stone.


For centuries diamonds are sourced in a painful and tainted process. However, lab-created diamonds are one step towards kindness to earth and its dwellers. There is no need for mining or extracting and putting human lives at risk.

To keep these diamond rings with you forever, make it a habit to not remove the ring in public spaces. If you lose them the chances are next to nil to get it back. 

Lastly, diamonds indeed are forever. Keep them safe and develop some habits to keep them with you forever.

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