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5 Different Ways To Style A Bandhej Dupatta

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Indian women’s wardrobe is incomplete without piles of dupattas. It goes with every Indian ethnic wear, and pairing a dupatta with any outfit gives it a new look. Among all the dupattas, silk, banarasi, cotton, etc., Bandhej Dupatta has its place, and its fine texture and look have made it extremely popular with ladies.

There are many ways to style your bandhej dupatta and incorporate it into your style statement look. If you have been looking for some styles to cheer up Kurtis to look more stylish, then it’s time to scroll down. Take inspiration on how to ace up your pure bandhej dupatta in 5 different styles with any outfit.

5 Latest Dupatta Styles That You Should Try With Your Bandhani Dupatta:

1. The Traditional Style

Double your traditional look with this oldest, most loved, and elegant bandhej dupatta style. Take your dupatta and put it around your neck gracefully. Pin the dupatta on both shoulders or let both sides fall. You can also let go of the one side of the dupatta on the shoulder to the elbow, which is another one of the oldest ways to style a dupatta.

2. Drape It Like a Saree:

Ditch all the ways to style a dupatta and give it a new look in your favorite Indian ethnic wear – Saree. Our favorite Shilpa Shetty Kundra inspires this style of draping dupatta. Drape plates on one side of your pure silk bandhani dupatta and put it around the waist. The side of the dupatta will go around the waist and behind the shoulder. This look gives the most unique and classy Indo-Western look.

3. Drape It Like a Shawl:

One of the simplest ways to style a dupatta is to wear it like a Shawl. Turn heads towards you by wrapping the dupatta around your back. The other open side of the bandhej dupatta will go over your shoulder. Create something new and elegant with the pure bandhej dupatta.

4. Pair It With a Waist Belt:

Who wants to try something new with a bandhani bandhej dupatta? If you are one of them who likes to try something new, then this is the look for you. Wear the dupatta in cape style on your shoulder, and then put a belt on it with your dupatta inside.

5. As a Stole Around The Neck:

This style of bandhej dupatta looks great when you pair it with a short Kurti and jeans. In this style, the dupatta goes around your neck like a stole. This is the most effortless style and won’t require too much effort.

Aren’t these styles innovative and classy? If you are inspired to try some of these looks, buy a bandhani dupatta online from Kutchi Bazar. Our online store brings you a wide range of pure silk bandhani dupatta collections in various colors, designs, and fabrics. To steal the show at a wedding or party, try these looks with your bandhej dupatta.


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