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DIY Denim Distress: From Plain to Punk in Minutes

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The fashion trends keep on changing. And, this is good as change is exciting and a part of human evolution. For instance, the clothes that were popular in the 1950s have adopted new shapes, colors and layers. Also, you can DIY by adding the elements of personalization, like chenille patches. One of the common examples is experimentation on denim. Therefore, to top up the existing tips, we have created a guide. Have a look!

Introduction and Benefits of Distressing Denim

Distressed denim looks aged. This is particularly seen in its color and texture. There is ripping, fading and loose threads to validate the old look. However, this all is done on purpose. The prime benefit is that it is a timeless trend. It was popular years ago and still, people, particularly youngsters, attempt to create distressed outfits.

Another perk is to elevate the style of your garment. Distressing will make it different, nevertheless, still wearable. Also, you can DIY new or old denim outfits, as per your desire. Let’s see what steps you can follow at home to attain such a punk style.

Steps for DIY Ripped Jeans

Collecting the Supplies

Start with collecting the tools, which is a common step in DIY-ing. This is an arts and crafts project, therefore, choose the essentials accordingly. For example, grab something to cut the denim, most probably, the scissors and razors. Fine sandpaper and tweezers are the apt distressing tools. Pencils or chalk can help in marking the garment.

Then, opt for protective tools, such as old newspapers and gloves. There are essentials for fading and coloring the jackets or jeans as well, like bleach, paintbrush and coffee. And, do not forget to put your hands on patches. Try out other embellishments too, if you prefer.

Fading and Cutting

Now, commence fading the denim. This is in particular for the garments that are not much old. However, before fading, you should decide on the parts. For quickening the process, take bleach and form its solution. Now, with the help of a paintbrush, you can apply the solution to the desired areas of the denim.

Let the solution sit in, nonetheless, this duration depends on how much lightness you require on bleached parts. As per a source, a few hours to one day are enough. In the end, you should wash and dry the garment. Cutting the garment will give more distressed vibes. First, mark the places to cut with the help of a pencil. And, use scissors for the next step.

Adding Details

To attain a classic look, you can add embellishments. Try custom made patches which will comprise the precision of your favorite artwork. If not, simply go for the patch designs available in the market. You can use one or multiple, with various sizes, depending on your choice.

Also, different kinds of backing can work on denim. For instance, if you demand an easy application, buy iron-on patches. You only need to iron in order to stick the patch to the garment. Furthermore, a more durable option is a sew-on patch. Learn some stitching to apply such patches.


Washing the denim garment, like jeans or jacket, will help you evaluate the final look. The solution has been absorbed and patches are attached. Therefore, see whether the outcome seems pretty and long-lasting. You can even wear this garment to make sure it looks good on you.

Denim Distress: The Tips

There are a couple ways you can wear ripped or distressed denim. First fact is that they are the perfect casual wear. This means, you can wear such an outfit to visit friends or shop for groceries. Wear a white t-shirt, if the ripped garment is jeans. This is one of the classiest pairs in casual fashion. Moreover, never hesitate to wear accessories like sunglasses, belts and rings to complete the look.

Undoubtedly, you need something to carry your essentials. For this purpose, go for a statement bag to add the element of boldness. Crossbody bag will look good too. For footwear, choose either sneakers or sandals, both are suitable.


Distressed denim like ripped jeans are always in trend. People love to stylize their clothes to induce their personal taste. Therefore, follow some steps to adopt this fashion. Commence with gathering the important supplies like scissors, bleach, paintbrush and pencil. Finalize the area on the denim garment which requires fading. Prepare a bleach solution and use a paintbrush to apply it on the garment. This way, you will not discolor the rest of the fabric.

Wash after around one day and see whether the lightness is enough. Go ahead and grab a pencil to mark areas on the denim outfit to cut. Use scissors and be careful. Add embellishments like patches of any design you want. Lastly, do not forget to wash the denim garment.


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