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Quench your thirst for beautiful ethnic outfits this festive season

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Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma
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Do you want to add an ethnic touch this festive season to your wardrobe? Not sure where to look for inspiration? No worries! These superb ideas will help you. ‘Twirl around to get that perfect picture!’ because that is just what most women do when wearing Indian ethnic wear. One of the most exquisite silhouettes of Indian culture is ethnic wear, a swirling explosion of colors and sparkle. In ancient India, this deep-rooted ethnic garment was used as part of daily attire and has been followed. Women wearing colorful ethnic outfits take pride in celebrating an auspicious and festive occasion like a wedding in India.

In terms of choosing ethnic wear from textile export and wholesale for every occasion, it can be a challenge because of the myriad of choices available in the market, and finding the right one which is going to make you look attractive and comfortable at the same time, is very difficult but not impossible to achieve with just a little bit of knowledge about how to go about it!

Let’s explore the trendy ethnic outfits available in the textile export and wholesale industry:

Anarkali Kurtis

Anarkali Kurtis:

One can never go wrong with beautiful and intricate Anarkali Kurtis by W Kurtis manufacturers. The terms opulence and grandeur go together with an Anarkali paired with a churidar. To stitch that one piece that screams grace and luxury, you will be able to pick from a wide variety of styles, designs, and fabrics.

W Kurtis:

Kurtis is the most simple and comfortable choice for a casual workday or an evening out with friends or family. The W Kurtis manufacturers offer you a wide collection of Kurtis from straight A-line to asymmetrical, so you can choose what suits you best.

Silk flared gowns:

Whenever you are looking to dazzle any occasion, silk must be on your list of materials to consider. This dress is an excellent option for any social gathering, whether you’re throwing a party or getting together with friends. Silk dresses make a perfect selection if you want something that will be both comfortable and appealing at the same time, so try this beautiful piece today!


Although it may only seem like a 6-yard piece of fabric, a saree will instantly turn you into a diva! There are so many ways to style and wear your saree that you can find inspiration for the perfect look for any occasion, from parties to weddings to casual days out with friends and family!


A designer lehenga is a top choice of attire for many occasions, including weddings and friend’s receptions. Historically, the lehenga’s beauty has been defined in Indian culture as the gorgeous attire for women to dance in. The beauty of this attire comes from its simplicity, elegance, and rich colors, which make it look stunning at any party or wedding function – be it casual or formal events!

Indian silhouettes have the most amazing designs for textile export and wholesale, and they are available everywhere in a variety of shapes, designs, colors, and prints. Textile Megastore is one hub for all your textile export and wholesale requirements. Known to be the best ethnic wear store in town, they offer a wide range of ethnic wear from their original creation and from W Kurtis manufacturers for you to choose from, making them stand out among the crowd!


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