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What are entities and why should they not be missing on your site?

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For years now we have been talking about semantic research and an evolution of SEO in this direction: Google , in fact, is trying to develop more and more understanding of natural language, going beyond keyword research and ensuring that the algorithm takes into consideration the semantic meaning of user queries.

Within semantic SEO , the optimization of semantic entities plays a fundamental role. Let’s see how to make the most of them to communicate with search engines and get the best results in terms of positioning and online visibility.

Entities of a website: what are they?

Generally speaking, an entitycan be a person, a place, a concept, a concrete thing or anything that can be represented from a linguistic point of view. Within a search engine, semantic entities are sets of words that are interrelated and very frequent in a discourse that deals with a specific topic or concept.

Google, for example, analyzes the combination of keywords in a query and, thanks to the entities, is able to understand which theme the content on a website or in the request made by the user to the search engine is about. This is possible without a precise coincidence of the topic with the keywords, overcoming the limit of too literal and artificial keywords.

In 2019 (and in Italy in 2020), in fact, Google launched a new update called Google BERT which aims to understand more deeply the users’ requests, capturing not only the literal meaning, but the intention . This is closely linked to the entities that allow search engines to offer users more on-topic results, broader from the point of view of the topics and, at the same time, minimize off-topic results and misunderstandings.

The relationship between entity and positioning of a website

In recent years, also in light of Google’s updates, semantic SEO is making its way . The latter, compared to the more traditional SEO, focuses on the intent behind the user’s query: to date, search engines, in fact, reward not so much content with many keywords, but those that know how to respond to users’ information and entertainment needs.

It is no longer sufficient to increase the keyword density of a document because it does not necessarily provide the detailed and in-depth response requested by the user. From this point of view, the notion of context as a key variable becomes fundamental for establishing the degree of relevance of a content to a given search.

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Entities are the basis of context: unlike keywords, entities represent an entire concept, referring to a wide range of interrelated information. So why are they so important to position yourself correctly on the web? Because it is through the entities that Google understands the topic of a content and determines if it is relevant to the query, thus establishing its positioning in the SERP without the need to force the text with unnatural keywords, the Knowledge Graph is therefore generated .

In the Google Knowledge Graph (also called the knowledge graph) the people, places or circumstances of various facts, images and associated search queries are displayed in a dedicated area if Google recognizes a semantic entity behind a term of research .

Finally, the entity plays a key role in terms of polysemy : for example, in a multi-faceted language such as Italian, it is common for a word to take on different meanings depending on the context and therefore be contained in several entities. This means that within a content it is also necessary to refer to all the words relating to the entity: if, for example, the document relates to the word “tree” as a plant, it will contain terms such as earth, fruit, relative trunk. to the same entity; if, on the other hand, it is the mast of a ship, the entity will be the one concerning terms such as sail, sea, wind and so on.

How to implement semantic entities: Rich Snippets ?

Understanding the importance of semantic entities, the question you might ask yourself is how can I implement them on my site? Here it comes to our aidthe concept of “Schema markup”, a technical language that all search engines (including Google) have agreed to use. He is responsible for things as simple as identifying the author’s title, meta description, and subtitle, and as complex as pricing and customer ratings for various products. It is important to implement this scheme because Google uses it to gather context on the contents of your website pages. Over a third (36%) of search results and most Knowledge Graph entries draw on markup, but less than 1% of websites use it. How does schema markup work? This is one aspect ofdelicate technical SEO and, when well implemented, winning. It involves adding structured data markup to your website in order to facilitate the semantic understanding of the page in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Markup (also called Structured Data) helps search engines explicitly understand your content so that you can be found and stand out in organic and voice search across various devices and platforms. There are different types of Rich Snippets (structured data)  such as:

  • Event
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place
  • Product
  • Service
  • Review
  • Rating

Each of these if properly applied helps the positioning of your site.

The issue is complex and the key aspect, however, is that if you understand what a semantic entity is and the importance of this aspect within the Google algorithm and therefore consequently in the organic positioning of your website, I can help you implement rich snippets. Contact me for a demo, I will show you how it works.

Do you need technical SEO consultancy ? Keep in touch!

The topic treated today is certainly complex and may have left some doubts that if you are interested in implementing semantic entities in your site I can help to solve.

From today in your SEO vocabulary you have to acquire the word Knowledge Graph . The Knowledge Graph has changed research forever, for consumers, brands and businesses. What is the Knowledge Graph? The Knowledge Graph is an intelligent model that draws on Google’s huge repository of entities and fact-based information and tries to understand the real-world connections between them. In other words, instead of literally interpreting every keyword and query, Google infers what people are looking for .

We must not underestimate the importance of effectively optimizing websites and web content by correctly responding to search engine algorithms. Faced with the increasingly complex updates of the Google algorithm, SEO Leader offers 360 ° support in the SEO field with the creation of digital marketing strategies always in step with the news.

If you want to implement rich snippets on your site contact me and we will give your project further value.

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