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Benefits and Legalities of Localising a Mobile Phone

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There are various benefits and legalities that are associated with localising a mobile phone. First, you should learn about the pre-requis and determine your requirements. Localisation applications can be implemented in many different ways. Some of the most common methods include GPS technology. To learn more, read our article on how to localise a portable phone. This article will also discuss the benefits and legality of localisation applications. If you are planning to use such applications, it is crucial that you understand its prerequisites.

Applications that allow you to localise a mobile phone

Besides just translating words, you can also localise a portable mobile phone app. Some tools even let you pre-fill the language and adjust the length of text. These tools are especially useful for developing apps for countries where the standard language is not yet available. These can be useful for translating onboarding flows or checkout processes. Depending on the purpose, you can even translate screenshots geolocalisation telephone. To localise a portable mobile phone application, you should use an application called Lokalise.

Localization is the process of tailoring an app to a target market, its technological standards and cultural norms. Different languages require different amount of space for text. For example, converting English to German requires expanding the text by 20-35%, and translating to Swedish requires a contraction of text by up to 30%. Similarly, translating an app from English to a non-Latin script language requires vertical text expansion. When developing an app, make sure the design is flexible.

Legality of localising a mobile phone

There are various arguments for and against the legality of localising a mobile phone. Many people have concerns about privacy and the need for strict security and ethics for services that use this technology. However, it is possible to get around these concerns and localise your mobile phone as long as you adhere to the following principles:

Benefits of localising a mobile phone

If you’re planning to launch an app, you should invest in localisation. App market is highly competitive, and if your app doesn’t live up to the expectations of users in that country, you won’t last long. More than 90% of users delete apps almost immediately, with only 16% giving it a second chance. By investing in mobile app localization, you will get a competitive advantage and offer your app users an experience they can understand.

By localising the content, you can expand your market and tap into previously untapped markets. In addition to boosting app downloads, localisation also provides a new perspective on how people use apps in different countries. Ultimately, localisation helps improve revenue. Here are some benefits of localising a mobile app:

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App localisation saves resources. App localisation is often a lengthy process, and the speed with which an app is translated will depend on the country in which it is being launched. The faster an app can be localised, the more users it will attract. The benefits of localisation can’t be stressed enough. However, if you can’t afford to wait weeks for app localisation, you might as well invest in a mobile app localisation service.


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