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How the Adv has changed with Covid-19

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The current global pandemic scenario has had – and continues to have – an incisive impact in every sector, profoundly transforming people’s consumption behaviors as well.

The media and online advertising sector is experiencing the impact of the Coronavirus , showing changes linked both to the current situation and to medium-long term structural transformations. Although digital marketing is based on algorithms and automation, it is still done by people for people: therefore, if the normal activities of consumers are suspended or transformed, then digital marketing must change too, adapting to changes.

The impact of the Coronavirus on advertising

During the national lockdown phase, one of the main consequences of the restrictive measures was certainly the increase in the time spent browsing online and on social media. As reported by the Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano in a comparison between the pre-crisis week (February 17-February 22) with the following weeks, there is an exponential growth in the use of social networks (+ 69%) and messaging apps instantaneous (+ 50%) as well as an increase in the use of information and entertainment sites (+ 50%).

Also from the point of view of companies, significant changes have occurred : some sectors – such as travel and automotive – have inevitably suffered a reduction in sales and investments in advertising, while sectors such as telephony or food have immediately changed its advertising strategy , adapting it to current events.

Therefore, faced with an unprecedented emergency situation, brands have chosen different communication and strategic lines – from those who have suspended all advertising communications to those who have decided to modify them or keep them unchanged – trying to respond effectively to the crisis situation. Although there is no absolute correct answer, it is possible, however, to outline some key elements to face the future of digital advertising .

A data-driven communication

At a time of profound socio-economic transformation, the main issue for brands to address is future consumer behavior . Today it is more important than ever to identify the new consumption behaviors of people with the aim of defining their impact on the customer journey. Only in this way is it possible to create new strategies to retain customers and find new ones, based on user knowledge derived from data.

In times of uncertainty, data analysis is a key tool for detecting new dynamics both inside and outside the company through, for example, benchmarks to analyze competitors and the general trend of the sector. In this way it is possible to be ready for any sudden changes and to react proactively to the new digital world after Covid-19.

Budget redistribution

As previously stated, Covid-19 has generated profound changes in the habits of people who, in addition to wanting to stay constantly updated on the latest news, have devoted much more time to audiovisual content in streaming (+ 45%) and on social media (+ 45%) [2] . This is directly reflected in the 2020 business plan: in fact, many companies are redefining spending to orient themselves to the new online advertising trends, focusing in particular on video marketing which is experiencing unprecedented exponential growth in order to ride the trend of the moment. .

A new post-crisis communication

With a view to a total reopening of shops and entrepreneurial activities, brand communication is increasingly oriented towards the creation of content and advertising that are not only useful for their buyer personas , but above all suitable for the new post-Covid situation. 19.

People expect human, emotional messages in which the brand shows empathy and attention to the ongoing emergency, so much so that 65% [3] of users say that the response of brands to the pandemic is a key criterion on which they will be based in the future to choose, or not, one product over another. This means that ignoring market transformations or, even worse, launching advertisements that are inconsistent with the current situation, could have decisive business consequences.

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