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News Phxfeeds Com also known as Phoenix Browser: Features and Complete Review

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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News Phxfeeds Com, also known as the Phoenix Browser, is an android web browser that comes with a lot of useful features. 

We use web browsers all day long to search and download content from the internet. Now, most of us are concerned about our privacy. Is this browser safe? Is it tracking us? Why is it showing too many ads? 

These are the questions asked by every internet user. And surprise, surprise, the Phoenix browser has all the features that’ll take care of all those questions.

Phoenix Browser
Image source: Google play store screenshot

Phoenix Browser was developed by CloudView Technology Limited, a Hong Kong-based software company established by Tencent. 

According to their marketing team, the Phoenix Browser loads your web page 2x faster than other browsers making it arguably the fastest web browser for Android. News Phxfeeds Com, formally known as Phoenix Browser is one of its kind. 

Now that we know what the Phoenix Browser is and we also know that it’s searched on the internet as News Phxfeeds Com, let’s now talk about the features of this state-of-the-art web browser. 

Phoenix Browser Best Features

News Phxfeeds Com or Phoenix browser is a browser like no other. Below, we have compiled a list of the best features of this fast web browser. 

  • Fast Browsing Experience

As we mentioned earlier, News Phxfeeds Com (or the Phoenix Browser) facilitates you with a fast, seamless browsing experience. You can access websites without having to wait for long waiting times. The developers have coded the browser in a way that the loading time is reduced to the lowest possible.

  • Free & Unlimited VPN

Have you ever heard of a web browser that offers FREE VPN and the bandwidth is unlimited too? Well, there aren’t many browsers that even come close. 

Why do you need a VPN, one may ask? It’s simple, the websites we go to today, at least most of them, aren’t secure. A VPN helps us hide our true identities from these malicious websites. 

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You can go to your favorite websites and be anonymous on the internet thanks to the fast, free, and unlimited VPN provided by Phoenix Browser. 

  • Native Video Downloader

News Phxfeeds Com has offered us a browser that has native support for downloading videos, right from the browser. Previously, we had to copy the links of the videos we wanted to download and then go to malicious websites that contained tons of ads. Well, not anymore. 

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News Phxfeeds Com browser has a video downloader integrated right in the browser. It automatically detects the video and gives you an option to download it. 

  • Native Video Player

Their video player is fully optimized for fast and bufferless video playback. Watching videos online on the News Phxfeeds Com browser is made possible and seamless thanks to their native video player. 

  • WhatsApp Status Saver

Another feature of this browser is the WhatsApp status saver. If you like someone’s video or picture status on WhatsApp, you don’t have to text them and ask them to send it to you. All you have to do is to install this browser and you’ll have on option to download their status right away. 

  • Impressive File Manager

The file manager supports more than 50 file formats. You don’t have to worry about installing a third-party app just for the sake of opening a file. This file manager has the support to open them all. 

  • Ad Blocker

The ad blocker blocks all the annoying and harmful ads making your browsing experience as smooth as possible. Not only that, this ad blocker saves your time by loading the web pages faster and eliminates popups. 

  • Data Saver

News Phxfeeds Com browser is smart in a way that it automatically detects if you’re on wifi or mobile data. In the case of mobile data, it will switch to the data saving mode. This will still give you a smooth browsing experience while not wasting your data on unnecessary resources. 

  • Incognito mode

The incognito mode offered by the News Phxfeeds Com browser is like no other. It gives you extra privacy on the internet. It doesn’t save any cache, browsing history, or cookies so that as soon as you close the incognito window, all the session is gone and hence, your privacy is taken care of. 

  •  Multi-Tasking (thanks to Multi-Tab Manager)

Multi-tasking on this browser is unimaginably smooth. You can open multiple tabs and switch between them without them loading and making your browser slow. All of this is made possible thanks to the multi-tab manager. 

  •  Option to Bookmark

You can save your favorite websites for later use with the help of bookmarks. This browser also has an optimized history menu. Both of these features help in finding and revisiting the previous websites easily and conveniently. It also saves a lot of your time. 

  •   Add to Shortcut

You can add your favorite websites to shortcuts. If you visit a website on a daily basis, you can add it to a shortcut and access it just by clicking the shortcut. Cool, right?

News Phxfeeds Com Browser User Reviews

When it comes to reviews, this browser has been successful in providing the users with what they need. On the Play Store, this browser has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. They have over 2.5 million reviews on their browser and almost all of them are 5 start reviews. 

So, the features we’ve mentioned are actually working and the users are loving them. Their positive rating is proof.

News Phxfeeds Com Browser User Reviews
Image source: Google Play Store Screenshot

You know a browser is good when more than 100M users have installed it and left a positive review. 

Browse the Latest Content with News Feed

News Phxfeeds Com has a news feed section where they post the latest news and informational articles. 

All of their articles are fact checked and have the latest news. They follow the trend, hence, provide you with the latest trends so that you don’t miss anything that’s happening around you. 

Browse the Latest Content with News Feed
Image source:

You can access the news feed section by either going to their website, or you can access this in the browser itself. All you have to do is install the latest version of the News Phxfeeds Com browser and enjoy. 


Phoenix Browser also searched on the internet as News Phxfeeds Com is an excellent browser that facilitates the user with tons of features such as FREE VPN, privacy, and speed. You can download this browser and have all of your browsing needs fulfilled. More than 100 million users have downloaded this browser and almost all of them left a positive review so we can conclude that the browser does have some good reputation. 

Our Verdict

Well, the positive reviews speak for themselves. They claim to have tons of features and their users are acknowledging that. So, we’d say that it is one of the best browsers on the market.

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