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Top 5 Most Popular Online Scams You Need to Be Aware of in 2022

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Top 5 Most Popular Online Scams You Need to Be Aware of in 2022 To Keep Your Valuable Assets Safe 

Online scams have taken over the internet in the last 3 years, every day there is something new whether a product or service being marketed to online users in the hopes that someone is gullible enough to fall for the scam. 

In most cases, people are very gullible and are easily persuaded as they connect with people right across the world through their smartphones or computers. This has led to the development of funds recovery sites such as Fundstrace.

The Most Popular Online Scams Brought To Light by Funds Trace 

Here are a few of the most popular scams that have resurfaced and are in full operation on websites. 

  • Online Dating Scams / Romance Scams 

These romance scams are on the top of our list because they not only happen on dating websites but scammers have moved onto other social media platforms to reach a wider variety of people. 

These people claim to be interested, rush the relationship status before even getting to know the victim properly, and then request financial assistance under the pretense that they will return it at a later stage. They often disappear, or in some rare cases, manage to con people on more than one occasion without paying anything back. 

  • Phishing Scams 

This scam has been coming for a long time, these emails are sent out to serve one purpose only, retract personal information to commit fraud. These emails seem very legitimate as they give a breakdown of the suspicious activity in your bank account or highlight things that are not real to get your attention.  

  • Forex, Stock Investment, Bitcoin and Crypto Scams 

These scams involve getting people to invest their money in these platforms and have them make a profit on it by either trading stock or buying and selling currencies. Usually, the scammer happens to be in the business themselves and looking for new recruits interested in the opportunity to take under their wing and mentor. 

  • Winning Holidays and Vacations such as Cruises 

Oftentimes people will win a competition that they have no recollection of entering which sends you on an all paid for vacation. Upon receiving the phone call, they then want you to send them specific details so that they can arrange for the accommodation and book flight tickets to the destination. Convincing you that this is a prize that you were lucky enough to win. 

  • Job Registration 

Fake job advertisements that people apply to will require a few to receive work materials or resources, or even to register for a particular job before they can get it. After registering, these jobs will be non- existent and the victims will waste money trying to find work. 

Keep Yourself Safe! 

These are the most common scams that most people report as they can be the most successful among scammers especially when approaching someone who is very trusting or desperate. Be sure to always double-check and do research on any opportunity before giving money to someone who is only out to scam. 





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