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3 Most Common Scams Online as Indicated by The Global PayPal

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Protect Yourself From The 3 Most Common Scams Online as Indicated by The Global PayPal

A Scam is a scheme or fake business designed to benefit an unsuspecting person by pretending to be a legitimate business or product. These scams usually take place online and are fraudulent. There are different types of scams that target any person who seems vulnerable online. They can be romantic scams, scams to get you to share private information such as your banking details, or other personal information that can be used as leverage against someone in terms of blackmail to get huge payments to keep the information to themselves.  

The 3 Most Common Scams Online  

Some scams surface on the internet continuously, only changing in small details such as the product or the service.  

  • Catfishing 

This is prominent on dating websites as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The scammer sets up a fake profile that attracts a lot of attention with its photos and how easy it is to communicate with which in turn makes it easier for the scammer to lure people into the trap for their victims.  

  • Phishing Scams 

These scams are out to get your banking details by emailing you about suspicious activity or claiming that you have made purchases that you haven’t made. This then makes you send proper details to rectify the account or demands payments to be made to reverse the mistakes on your bank account. 

  •  Forex, Bitcoin, and Crypto Scams 

These are among the top scams as people have been lured by fake online forex experts claiming to help other people make money just as they do. By having people invest money into their accounts or on platforms and then they never see their profits as it was all a scam to get the money.  

How I Got Roped into a Forex Scam & Global Payback Came to My Rescue

Earlier in the year, I got roped into a Forex Scam online. I saw an advert for Forex lessons that were given at a reasonable price that I wanted to do. I had made contact with the Forex Expert to start my classes. As per the advert, I had to pay half of the money upfront to secure my spot and I thought nothing of it as most legitimate companies also have these practices. 

This was two days before the class was to start and everything seemed to be working out fine. Classes were online sessions, so I had received links to the class sessions prior however when I joined there were no classes. The links were showing errors and when I tried to contact the person in charge of the scheduling and the owner of the company they were unreachable. 

Luckily for me, I was advised by a friend of mine to contact They assisted me by investigating the company and had managed to track down the owner and I had gotten at least half of my down payment back.  



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