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5 New Scams to Watch Out for in 2022

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Protect Yourself Online: 5 New Scams to Watch Out for in 2022 

Did you just hear about someone who got scammed? Well, it is no surprise that online scams are happening all around the world now and the ways people scam you have also increased. Scammers make use of the latest technology to scam you and take all your money. Now, if you are someone who wants to keep yourself safe from these ridiculous scams, then you need to be aware of them first. Having more knowledge about scams will aid you in avoiding them – that’s what the Chargebacking experts told me too – and it is working out perfect for me. Haven’t been scammed since I met them! Learn more about them down below. 

5 Scams That Chargebacking Informed me Off! 

Here are the top 5 scams happening nowadays and are on the rise. 

1- Online Dating Scam 

Dating scams or romance scams happen through different social networking websites or dating sites. What happens is that a scammer reaches out to you, starts a conversation, and tricks you into believing him/her. They start a relationship with you by telling you how much you mean to them and then ask for money in a tricky way. They will ask you to pay for their flights, buy a gift card, or wire you money. 

If you meet someone online who suddenly acts like you’re their entire world, then it is time to be cautious. 

2- Retail Scams 

These scams happen when retailers end up setting up a fake online store that offers products that are quite cheap. Once you make a purchase from them, at the checkout, they do not have a trusted third party payment method which means that the scammer gets all your information. They also have payment methods such as wiring them the money or getting a gift card that cannot be scanned. Make sure you never ever make the mistake of purchasing something from such websites. You never really know what might happen. Once you make the payment, the company will never send you the products and will send over a fake receipt. If you try contacting them, they will simply block you.

3- Fake Tech Support

You might get a request through an email or pop up window explaining that you have been a victim of malware and that you need to download software from them to clean your computer. They will ask you for money in order to do that. Remember, all of this is simply fake and your computer is completely fine. These are just some stupid ways scammers use in order to get their hands on your money. Even once they get into your laptop, they can access all your information including financial details. 

4- Government Imposters 

At times, scammers claim to be from a government agency and ask you to settle a debt urgently. This asks you to make upfront payment so that you can receive federal funds. They also say that if you do not make the payment you will be arrested. All of this is completely fake!

5- Fake Emails 

Scammers also send links to your emails. These emails include stuff like offering an opportunity to earn money or that you have won a cash prize. Once you click on the link, the scammer can hack your accounts and get your personal information. 

Learn from Chargebacking & Stay Safe! 

If you still want to learn more about these scams, then you can reach out to ‘Charge Backing’. The company focuses on helping people who have been a victim of money scams. The work they are doing is simply amazing and they ensure to get what you lost, in a short span of time. 

All in all, stay careful and never trust anyone out there. 


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