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Get Your Money Back From A Scammer in Less Than 30 Days!

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Turn To Chargeback Way To Get Your Money Back From A Scammer in Less Than 30 Days!

Scammers seem like they have it all figured out when they work out these great scams to con people out of their money. However, new methods have been derived and systems have been put into place to help victims get their money back from the scammer. These scams often target lonely, vulnerable people who can be easily convinced or manipulated through the making of relationships or friendships to be persuaded to send money or buy expensive gifts in friendship or an intimate relationship in return. 


It is important to keep in mind that anybody of any age can fall victim to these scammers as there are a variety of scams designed to target different people. 

Ways You Can Use to Get Your Money Back 

Once you have found out to be scammed it is important that you break off all contact and stop communication with the scammer but do not delete the evidence and proof that you had been scammed to help investigators recover your money. Be sure to keep receipts and statements to show your bank when you contact your bank to report the fraud that has taken place. Depending on how early you report the crime, there might still be a chance your bank can place a hold or cancel the transaction before it goes through. 

A chargeback is a process the bank uses to reverse the charges on your account and your money is restored to the card as if it never happened.

The Different Places You Can Report Scammers 

Oftentimes scammers work in groups to target their victims online to ensure that they are able to get to more people than one. 

Each country has its own process to report scammers. In the USA, the Federal Trade Commission Agency (FTC) and in the UK is the Call Action Fraud Service. Depending on where you are, searching the government of the country will provide you with the necessary information to report scammers. 

Online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and other services have report buttons that allow you to immediately report suspicious accounts and activities. 

How to Get Your Money Back After Reporting the Scammer 

Contacting fund recovery services such as Chargeback way is a sure way to get the ball rolling in getting reimbursed. They investigate your case and work timeously to ensure that some justice is served and the victim is compensated for their loss. Although the longer you wait to report the crime the harder it is to get your money back, it is still wise to choose a service that is specifically designed to assist in these matters. 

They specialize in recovering any funds no matter the type of scam committed. If you have fallen victim to scamming or know of someone who has been scammed and needs assistance you can reach them at +927 888 888 8881, you can also send an email to or simply visit the website at: 





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