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Medium & Long Hairstyles: 6 of My Favorite Messy Buns!

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Medium & Long Hairstyles: 6 of My Favorite Messy Buns!

Hey, Girlies! Who is up for some beautiful yet easy-to-make hairstyles? Raise your hands if yes! Look down below at my favourite messy buns that I make literally every other day. Get your hairbrushes and read along! 

1- Messy Knot Bun 

This is one of the easiest messy buns ever! To make it, divide your hair into 2 sections and make them look like pigtails. Next, tie them in a knot and take a pony to tie the knot. Now you need to divide the hair below the elastic band into 2 and tie another knot. Make sure to tie another elastic under this knot. Now you need to fold up the knot and pin them in place, leaving the ends out. Do not forget to tug the hair at the crown to add volume at the top. This will also give your hair a messy look. You can even buy hair extensions from Glamour Locks to make amazing messy buns if you have thin hair. Their products are to die for due to their excellent quality. 

2- Side Braid Messy Hair Bun 

This is such an elegant hairstyle that is perfect for making a dress. All you need to do is make a side braid and make sure to add elastic around it. Next, make a bun with the remaining hair left behind and once you are wrapping an elastic around the bun, make sure to add the braid to it. Add Glamour Locks pins so that the braid remains in place. 

3- Messy Flipped In Bun 

Gather your hair and tie it into a high ponytail to make this hairstyle. Next, you need to flip your hair over and ensure to pass it through the ponytail before the band. Make sure you do not pass it through completely. Now wrap the lower half of the hair around the bun’s base and pin! 

4- Messy Side Bun 

For this hairstyle, gather your hair and make a side ponytail. Make sure to leave some hair at the front. Now, tie the upper half in a bun and pin the lower half under and around the bun. Make sure the ends hang loose. 

5- Basic Messy Bun

This is the basic messy bun we all make. The way I make it is that I tie all my hair in a low ponytail and then part my hair in half right above the band to create a gap. Next, I flip the ponytail up and pass it through the gap. Then I roll the tail of the ponytail upwards and attach it up to the gap. Voila!

6- Messy Double Braid Bun 

This is such a cute hairstyle! You first need to part your hair on the side and section off some of the hair at the front. Next, you need to divide your hair in two at the back. Do not forget to twist one half and wrap it in a messy bun. Make sure the ends are loose. Now, do the same thing on the other side. Next, you need to weave the side-parted hair into two braids, one on every side.

All of This Wouldn’t Be Possible without My Glamour Locks Hair Extensions 

Sometimes your hair needs a few extra strands to pull off these fabulous hairstyles. That’s when I turned to hair extensions for some additional support. Their quality is off the charts and you don’t even have to worry about them getting spoiled or tangled because they are made for hairstyles like these!


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