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History of the Saddle Blanket: Saddle Blanket Seat Covers

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Saddle blankets have come a long way in terms of being an accessory. Having a rich heritage in the old West and originally made from animal skins, modern-day saddle blankets are now polyester blends. Indeed, saddle blankets have come a long way in terms of production, and comfort. In antiquity, having something put on a horse or mule before saddling was important. The experience should most importantly be comfortable and the animal calm at all costs. Also, the saddle blanket was the ideal choice in ensuring that the animal can bear the weight of the load. Thus, for the equestrian enthusiast out there, let us delve into the history of saddle blankets.

  • Traditional Materials

In the old West, saddle blanket material was made from animal skin. Sheepskin in particular was the most popular choice, mostly due to all its natural benefits. The sheepskin attached to the hide is a breathable material and is durable, able to withstand the friction of regular use. Moreover, sheepskin absorbs heat and dissipates it all over.

  • Felted Cotton to the Rescue

When horse-riding became a common affair, cheaper and readily available raw materials were sought after. Materials like wool, when felted, have excellent wicking qualities, suitable for both the rider and animal. Moreover, felted wool insulates against the cold by absorbing heat, ideal for night riding. Soon after, manufacturers started adding a layer of foam and topping with several cotton layers for added support and shock absorption. These can still be found in most long-distance hauling trucks.

  • Polyester Finishes

An innovative addition to the history of saddle blanket manufacturing is the fusion of polyester and ceramic. These two pieces when combined into a felted saddle blanket can radiate heat warming both the rider and animal. The material distributes temperature and also relieves stress and pressure points of the saddle to the animal.

Why Saddle Blanket Seat Covers?

Now that we’ve had a bit of history when deciding on installing saddle blanket car seat covers, you must envision how it’ll look. Beautifully woven saddle blanket designs are available and are in abundance. These seat covers are sturdy and emulate a rancher who regularly rides a horse. In addition, saddle blanket seat covers:

  • Are Durable

Stemming from its extreme durability, saddle blanket seat covers can handle everyday use very well. They’ll neither falter nor tear as you drive around town or even across the country. Saddle blanket car seat covers to protect your original upholstery from wear and tear arising from friction.

  • Are Comfortable

As mentioned earlier, saddle blanket material is made for comfort. The blanket-like texture of the seat covers leaves you feeling cosy when you get behind the wheel. Nothing says more like a relaxed driving experience like saddle blanket seat covers.

  • Have Plenty of Unique Designs

The lovely woven appearance of an authentic saddle blanket seat cover adds a dash of the classic Western aesthetic look. Choose from a wide range of unique woven designs, to add style to the interior of your vehicle.

  • Regulate Temperatures

Despite the season, no one wishes to drive while sitting on a too warm or too cold seat. Saddle blanket seat covers handle temperature regulation very well. You won’t feel as though you are burning or freezing. Additionally, if you park your car under the hot sun, the saddle blanket heat absorption quality is paramount.

  • Easy To Clean and Install

Saddle blanket seat covers are easy to clean only need a quick vacuum, detergent wash, and drip dry. This feature makes it suitable if you occasionally have your meals in your car or use it daily to commute. All Saddleman truck and car saddle blanket seat covers are easy to install and can be customized to your vehicle specification. The snug fit ensures that they won’t budge as you sit on them.


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