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How to drive a car in hilly areas to avoid accidents?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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A road trip to the mountains is a perfect getaway for adventurous people. Driving around the hilly roads with breathtaking views can give you a mesmerized feeling. But as beautiful as it sounds, it can get dangerous if you don’t know how to control your vehicle on hilly roads.   One second of distraction and the car can roll down the cliff. So whenever you take your car to drive on hills, ensure that you are confident about driving it safely. According to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, some tips can be followed to prevent crossing your path with an accident. Here are a few:

Don’t change lanes

Generally, in hilly areas, you’ll find single lanes with very thin roads. And most accidents reported in hilly areas are due to people changing their lanes and rolling down the cliff or banging into another vehicle. Also, the roads in hilly areas have much more curves than normal roads so while turning you should ensure that you are on the right lane.

Don’t overspend

Overspeeding is another reason why people lose control of their vehicles and end up in major fatal accidents. In hilly regions where roads are narrow and you can face landslides, you should drive slowly and maintain your focus on the road.

Keep your tanks filled

Running out of gas in between the hilly regions can seem like a nightmare. With no facility for a petrol pump at frequent intervals you may have to wait for hours before you can get help. So whenever planning a trip to the mountains ensure that you have your tanks filled and carry extra gallons if needed. 

Use high beam

Most hilly roads don’t have proper lighting and the cuts and edges are dangerous. You won’t realize when the road ends or takes a turn and can get caught in a dangerous accident. So whenever you are in such regions, ensure that you drive on high beams so that the visibility becomes good and other vehicles can also be made aware of your car or the turns.

One mistake can turn your beautiful mountain trip into a hospital tour or even prove to be fatal. Surviving a hill accident is nearly impossible because of the deadly roads and the maximum chances of the vehicle falling in the trench. However, the number of accidents every year on hilly roads is exceeding despite the government and the road authorities providing instructions about safe driving tips, speed limits and other essential information. But, no matter how exciting it may seem to drive fearlessly on hilly roads, remember what it can result in and so drive responsibly. 


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