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What is Mound Septic System?

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If your home doesn’t have access to urban sewers and high-water levels or stratified bedrock don’t permit standard drainage areas, you need a burial mound septic system. The mound septic system has gravel and sewer distribution piping on the sand and capped with soil to make an unnatural mound. To service a three-bedroom home, the mound can be 90 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 4 feet high. 

The grass is often settled to stop the mound system from erosion, but gardens can also be settled out for a more attractive appearance. The main objective of the mound septic system is to remove waste from the water table. The water table should maintain properly because a damaged septic tank can quickly pollute it. The mound septic system provides excellent protection for the water table compared to other septic tank measures. The mound septic system also has a lower cleaning cost than the cleaning cost of other septic tank types.  

One of the main problems with mound septic systems is that they require proper space to properly dispose of the waste. Other types of septic systems involve placing large containers underground and burying them. These systems cost a lot to install, but you can place them anywhere. The mound septic system has no reservoir and if you dig too far it will get too close to the water table. This can cause problems as more slot is required. This restricts the place of the mound system’s installation. Also, Water Tanks that are suitable for storing low and high volumes of rainwater

The mound system describes the actual situation in great detail. The mud pit system leaves a pile of earth that anyone looking at it can easily see. The mound can reach up to 5 feet. 

Mound System May Be Only Viable Option

The owner of Otsego MN is responsible for ensuring that domestic wastewater is treated according to the rules of human protection. Human feces contain dangerous bacteria. For safety reasons, these bacteria must be removed or disinfected. In many cases, the characteristic conditions are not suitable for traditional underground or overhead sewage treatment plants. This is the only option available in the Above Ground Mound Septic System.

Mound System Advantages

  1. You may install the mound system in locations that are not suitable for the design of traditional underground or above-ground sewage treatment plants.
  2. These systems are best suitable for almost all climates.
  3. The mound area on the mound does not require much excavation, which minimizes the risk of damage to the structure.
  4. The top layer of the mound is usually natural soil and can be the most permeable (based on the uptake of fluid from the soil).
  5. Emissions from sewage treatment plants do not enter the water body directly.

Mound Septic Systems Disadvantages

  1. The best alternative to the mound septic system is often much more expensive than traditional septic systems.
  2. During the construction process, the fitter of the earthwork system must carefully ensure that the topsoil is not damaged.
  3. A pump is required to feed the wastewater to the treatment process.
  4. Land use may be restricted depending on the drainage mode of the septic tank system.
  5. If the raised mound is damaged, the part may need to be rebuilt.
  6. Not everyone likes the look of their own hills. However, landscape options can have a significant impact on aesthetics.


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