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9 Qualities To Incorporate In Your Flyer Design To Make It Effective

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Do you think that flyers are old-fashioned and do not work anymore for efficient marketing? Well, you are clearly wrong. There is a reason why businesses have been using flyers as a marketing tool for years and will continue to use them for decades ahead. They are a great way to advertise products and offers to your target audience, especially when your target is located in a specific geographical radius.

Advertisements, announcements, offers, or invitations – flyers can be made for literally any purpose. There are two main objectives of making flyers with flyer makers: To grab attention, and to get sales. Make flyers online for free and start getting leads online.

So, how will you make your flyer design stand out from the crowd? By designing it efficiently! And how do you make a flyer design which is efficient? By using our PhotoAdKing’s online designing platform which provides you with hundreds of customizable free flyer templates to choose from.

Below is the list of qualities that you should consider while designing your next flyer.

1. A Catchy Headline

Carefully choose a few powerful words and make your headline unusual and memorable. It is going to be the first thing that the viewers read, thus try to make it as catchy as possible. A great headline text will make sure that people will read your entire flyer.

This restaurant flyer template is a great example of giving out a catchy headline text, which is definitely going to persuade the viewers to try out the restaurant’s seafood dishes.

2. Maneuvering With Colors

Just by looking at the flyer, the imagination of the viewers should be heightened and they should be taken right to the product, service, or event that you are mentioning. Pick up the color and use different shades of it in your flyer design, or go for two amazingly complementing colors.

Do not use a lot of colors – it will ultimately lead to looking like an amateur’s painting.

The above business flyer template includes smart use of green and black colors to create an equal and balanced look in the entire design.

3. Highlight The Main Offering

If you are offering a huge discount, conducting a season sale, or giving out a special service for a limited time; you must highlight it in your flyer design. Provide the real reason for your audience to keep your flyer right in front of their eye.

What more can be done is to include a discount coupon strap in your flyer, which can be redeemable only when the user has the flyer handy.

The above product flyer templates make sure that the reader gets hold of the offer of 50% discount on the clothing brand and straightaway drive them to the store.

4. Use Of Smart Images And Visuals

Images and icons are a great way to give out your message efficiently. An ideal flyer design includes a high-quality image or graphic that is relevant to the information provided in it. Remember to not use a pixelated image as it will make the overall flyer quality poor. In case you do not have any high-quality image to use, find a stock image that suits your purpose, and incorporate it into the design.

This travel flyer design is created in such a good way that the image itself sends out the message that there will be something related to trip discounts offered by a travel agency.

5. Make Your Flyer Look Approachable

Including a smiling human face in your flyer is always a great idea. Prefer inserting the image of the company’s director or an employee with whom the people will actually interact. It might happen that many people will be knowing about your business for the first time through your flyer.

Thus, it is vital to give the viewers an approachable face.

6. Proper Care Of Fonts And Font Sizes

Choose two to three fonts for including all the information throughout the flyer. Decide on a bold font for headings and go for a bit similar-looking font style for writing the remaining details. Make sure that the fonts that you choose are easy to read, even from a distance.

Avoid using multiple fonts as it will result in visual clutter and distract the viewer.

7. Reflecting Your Brand

The flyer design should not only promote a specific offering or product but also reflect the brand that it is associated with. Make your flyer different from your competitors by using the elements that are associated with your brand. Say, for example, the logo of your brand contains the colors black and orange. Designing a flyer that is based on these colors can build your brand’s identity using a flyer maker.

Designed after keeping the brand colors in mind, the above basketball event flyer templates is much likely to let people associate the brand and event easily.

8. Free Of Grammar Errors

A flyer design that has spelling or grammar errors creates a highly negative impact on the viewers. Not even a single mistake is acceptable as your flyer is going to go to places and reach a huge number of people.

Double-check all the text that you include in the flyer. Check for spellings, sentence formations, and punctuations too. Also, keep proper spaces between words for better readability.

9. Correct And Complete Contact Details

This can be considered as one of the most important qualities of a good flyer. Include the proper name and contact details at the end of the design. If you want people to visit your website, mention the website URL in the flyer.

Similarly, if you want them to visit your store, make sure there is a complete address given in the flyer. An outstanding design with improper details is of no use as the user will not understand the purpose of it and will not be able to take further steps


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