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Hire Top Advocates in Pakistan for legal Issues

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Top Advocates in Pakistan for legal Issues:

If you are looking for the top advocates in Pakistan or law firms in Lahore Pakistan then below is the list of top advocates in Pakistan or law firms in Lahore Pakistan

  • Nazia Law Associates:
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Non Payment of Gas Bills:

The board can only cut him off for non-payment of gas-supply bills. The Customer must be given proper notice before the supply is cut off. With gas, it must present the Customer at least seven days’ notice (written), and the bill must be twenty-eight days overdue for payment. The Customer must be given at least twenty-one days’ notice and then an additional written notice at least seven days before the cutting off with electricity. The notice through top advocates in Pakistan or law firms in Lahore Pakistan must expressly state that if the bill is not paid, the support will cut off the supply X step will be for a Gas or Electricity Board official to call.

Legally Refused:

He will ask for permission to enter the premises, but the Customer can legally refuse him unless he already has an entry warrant (see below). Often the officials use deception to get into the house for, the gas man might say, I’ve come to read the meter and then be let in by the Customer, who discovers a few minutes later that the gas supply has been disconnected. Accordingly, the Customer is always well added to refuse entry to any official of the Gas or Electricity Board if a notice of intention to divorce has been given through top advocates in Pakistan or law firms in Lahore Pakistan. It is important to stress that the Customer is under no legal obligation to allow the official to enter. If the official is refused access, he will go away and apply to the magistrates for an entry warrant.

Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan:

The Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954 sets out the rules. When the official returns with his warrant, the Customer should allow him to enter and cut off the supply. The official need not give the Customer any notice before he calls. If the Customer obstructs the official, he can be fined up to £400. A similar penalty through top advocates in Pakistan or law firms in Lahore Pakistan applies when the householder refuses to let an official in when there is an emergency and, in such a case, there is no need for the official to have a warrant.

Customer-Facing Disconnection:

A customer-facing disconnection should contact the local CAB to see whether they can persuade the board to postpone the disconnection. Often they can negotiate an agreement for the Customer to pay off the arrears by installments. Because of complaints about the arbitrary cutting off of supplies, the Gas and Electricity Boards have a joint Code of Practice setting out their guidelines. It states: Your supply will not be cut off if you agree to make regular payments for your electricity or gas and pay off the debt by installments in a reasonable period. It would have regard to what you tell us about your circumstances and income.


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