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Solve Issue of Mortgage through Advocates in Lahore Pakistan

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Mortgage through Advocates in Lahore Pakistan:

For the mortgage cases through advocates in Lahore Pakistan of a law firm in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The Principal, just before leaving Pakistan, empowers his agent to act during his absence. Subsequently, he returns and again leaves Pakistan, the agency not being terminated. So held, that agent has the power to perform during the second absence also. A power of attorney through advocates in Lahore Pakistan of a law firm in Pakistan is revocable except when made for due Consideration and when it forms part of security, (30)


Under the common law cannot recall power until that interest has been satisfied or abandoned if coupled with a claim. A power of attorney is part of security for money. It is not a revocation principle that applies to every case where a power of attorney is necessary to effectuate any security. In the leading case of Smart v. Sanders, it was said by Wilde, C.J.”.” Where an agreement is entered into on a sufficient consideration, whereby authority is given to secure some benefit to the attorney of the source, such control is irrevocable.” it must give the power to protect some interest of the attorney.


The claim through advocates in Lahore Pakistan of a law firm in Pakistan must be in the subject matter of the regime itself and not merely arise incidentally. An example of a power coupled with an interest is a power given to a mortgagee of property to enable him to implement his security as, for instance, by selling the property in case of default by the mortgagor. On the other hand, a commission payable to an agent for collecting debts is not such an interest in the power as to make the appointment of the gent irrevocable.

Common Law:

The rule is of the common law through advocates in Lahore Pakistan, of a law firm in Pakistan does not apply to prevent revocation by the Principal’s death. “A power coupled with an interest cannot by the persons granting it, but his death necessarily cancels it. How can a good act be done in the name of a dead man? (31)


Proper execution of Mukhtar Nama giving authority to sue in ejectment also confers the power to issue notices, but the leader doesn’t need to be in writing. In the case of temples, a trustee can hardly claim the right to borrow as a matter of course. His right to borrow will rise only in cases of financial necessity, and he will have to use his discretion whether even in such circumstances he should borrow or not. It cannot be assumed, in the absence of words to that effect, that by executing a power of attorney to a person to manage the temple affairs by collecting the debts and amounts due to the temple and meeting the necessary expenses that the trustee authorized the Manager to bind temple by borrowing.

However, there is no express clause empowering the attorney to advocates in Lahore Pakistan of a law firm in Pakistan demand promissory notes. For the reasons aforesaid to sign for me and in my name and on my behalf any and every contract or agreement or acceptance or another document. Held that the holders were authorized to sell or purchase such notes but rot to pledge them.



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