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Top Ten Advocate in Pakistan for Civil and Family Cases

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Top Ten Advocate in Pakistan for Civil and Family Cases:

The law society of pakistan and abroad had given the list of top ten advocate in Pakistan on the basis of their success rates and other things. The list of top ten advocate in Pakistan or law firms in Pakistan are below:

  • Nazia Law Associates:
  • Aazad Law Associates
  • Jamila Law Associates:
  • Hassan Law Associates:
  • Zikria Law Associates:
  • Haidry Law Associates
  • Imran and company
  • Boota Law Associates
  • Akram Law Associates
  • Shahzad legal firm:

Top Advocates in Pakistan:

The top ten advocate in Pakistan or law firms in Pakistan are of the view that the tenants, the law on charging tenants for gas and electricity is set out here. Water, Each of the nine regional water authorities has a statutory duty to supply wholesome’ water. If the water is not healthy, it can sue the authority, as in a 1938 case when a girl contracted typhoid from contaminated tap water. The leader must supply water to houses in its area if it can do this at ‘reasonable cost.’ Otherwise, it is for the landowner to provide wholesome domestic water (i.e., water for drinking, washing, cooking, and sanitation).

Human Habitation:

Suppose the house does not have a proper water supply. In that case, the local authority will likely declare it unfit for human habitation and make a demolition or closing order. Water rates are not payable on premises that are not connected to the mains. When supply can be laid on at reasonable cost, the owner (or legal occupier) of a property can demand to be connected. The cost of lying on the pipes is paid for by the Customer. The authority can lay mains (but not service pipes) on private land without the landowner’s consent. Although the leader needs the landowner’s permission, the Secretary of State can overrule an unreasonable landowner entitled to compensation. However, this will usually be a Withholding of consent.

Law Firms in Pakistan:

The top ten advocate in Pakistan or law firms in Pakistan says that the nominal amount unless the actual loss is caused. Refuse collection and litter. The resident could make adequate arrangements. The free collection service only applies to household waste. It does not apply to the office or industrial waste, even if it is a house that is being used as an office or industrial base. “Waste’ includes all average household items and any scrap item which needs to be disposed of since it is ‘worn out, contaminated, or otherwise spoiled.’ Rubble from home building improvements is not household waste.

Local authorities:

Local authorities also must collect non-household waste, but they can charge for this service. Various statutes control the dumping of litter. The primary offense is contained in the Litter Act 1983, making it illegal to discard litter (maximum penalty £400 fine). In practice of the top ten advocate in Pakistan or law firms in Pakistan, this piece of legislation is virtually useless as a sanction against litter- louts. The debris must be discarded in a public place in the open air (cf. A shop), but it must be shown that not only was the litter dropped but that it intended to leave it there and not pick it up again, something that it is usually challenging to prove. In addition, it is not an arrestable offense, and the offender need not give his name and address when challenged.


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