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Google Doodle is celebrating the sixth day of Tokyo Paralympics 2020 with the Champions Island Games on Monday 30 August.

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Google Doodle is celebrating the sixth day of Tokyo Paralympics 2020 with the Champions Island Games on Monday 30 August. To commemorate the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics, many sports such as technics, rugby, marathon, archery and swimming are featured. Last month, Google unveiled a doodle series dedicated to the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which now celebrates the Tokyo Paralympics with the Champions Island Games. In this game session, Google created a world filled with “seven game mini-games, famous enemies, dozens of brave side adventures, and some new (and old) friends.”

Google Doodle celebrates day 6 of Tokyo Paralympics 2020

The ultimate goal and latest doodle of Google Games is described on the official page. “Welcome to the Doodle Champion Island Games! In the coming weeks, calico(c)athlete Lucky will further explore Doodle Champion Island: a world filled with seven sports mini-games, legendary heroes, dozens of outrageous side adventures and many new (more Old 😉 guys. His ultimate goal? Defeat every game champion to collect the seven holy scrolls – and complete the most hidden challenges in Champion Island in the process.”

The website also explains the differences to the game, saying, “Keep an eye out for bonus levels and new side actions! If you’re one of the few chosen to collect each scroll, you can see our favorites.” What’s next for the cat.”

doodle champion island game

Google previously announced that the games would have end-to-end mini-games. Over the past few weeks, Google has featured sports such as doodle, table tennis, all-time champion skateboarding against hunting, moves of this form with the all-time champion thinking, and the best moves to beat archery.

Specifically, Google Doodle Games plays ‘Lucky’ Ninja Cat, who travels to Champion Island, where he meets teams of Red-Karasu, Blu-Ushi, Yellow-Inari and Green-Kappa. These colors represent the colors of the Google logo. Google Doodle aims to highlight Tokyo’s rich and varied culture, natural beauty, sand, tropics, language, forests, icebergs, birds and animals.


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