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letters of confidentiality and business consultants

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Letters Of Confidentiality And Business Consultants

For your business to be the best that it can be, you
want to know that your business consultant is going to
have your business’ best interests at heart.

You want to know that you can count on them not to
reveal secrets about your business and that everything
that you talk about is going to remain confidential.

One of the common misconceptions about letters of
confidentiality is that they should only be used when
the business consultant is going to be with your
company for a long time, and not for short term

A letter of confidentiality should be used anytime
when you are disclosing important information about
your company to someone, such as your trade secrets or
the amount of money that you make.

Another common misconception is that every consultant
that you hire is going to go out and reveal the
secrets of your company to every person on the street.

Chances are that they won’t, but they might say
something in passing. If they have signed a letter of
confidentiality, they are going to think twice about
what they say.

One other thing to ask a consultant that you are
interviewing is if they will continue to work for your
competitors, or if they will stop.

This, of course, is a conflict of interest and the
last thing you want to do is to find out that they are
giving the same advice to the very people that you are
in competition with.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with possible
consultants during the interview and feel like you can
trust them.


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