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Make use of the written word

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Make Use Of The Written Word

Another thing to think about when you are hiring a
business consultant is to ask them whether or not they
have written anything that deals with the issues that
your company is facing.

Published works can be an invaluable tool to reference
from time to time, when the contract with your
consultant is finished or even when they are still
working for you.

If the consultant has indeed written something, be
aware that the published work can be blunt and
difficult to read. But its a great way to get into the
mind of a consultant and see the world of business
through their eyes.

Often times, consultants will say more in a published
work than they might not say in person.

There is another advantage to turning to the published
works of people who know business. They can be a
wealth of knowledge for those in business, and offer
much information that wouldn’t be attainable any other

For example, take someone like Donald Trump. Most
people think of him as someone who knows his business.
But you couldn’t very well call up Donald Trump and
ask him for business advice. But he has written plenty
of books that are available for anyone to purchase.

Don’t discount the use of books simply because you
have a business consultant, because you will be may be
giving up a great cache of information that you may
very well find useful. It’s always a good idea to use
as many resources as possible.


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