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Getting Ready for Action as a Lifeguard

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Running a lifeguard crew is about making sure everyone is ready. Lifeguards, during their lifeguard training, are especially trained on how to handle emergencies – from small stuff to big rescues. Lifeguard managers oversee this training. They ensure that each lifeguard knows first aid, CPR, and how to do rescues.

Sorting Out Schedules

Being on time is super important in lifeguarding. Managers have to make schedules that work well, with enough lifeguards around at all times. They need to plan when lifeguards take breaks and switch shifts. This keeps everyone fresh and ready to go. Good planning and clear schedules make sure there’s always someone watching the water.

Getting Ready for Emergencies

Managers plan for emergencies. They make sure lifeguards know what to do in different situations. It could be a small problem or a big rescue. Going over these plans regularly keeps everyone prepared. When the team knows what to do, they can handle any situation that comes up.

Taking Care of Stuff

Lifeguards need good equipment to do their jobs. Managers have to check everything – from rescue gear to first aid kits. They make sure everything works and replace anything that’s broken or too old. Keeping an eye on equipment helps lifeguards do their jobs safely.

Keep Learning and Growing

Being a lifeguard is more than just learning once and stopping. Managers make sure lifeguards keep learning new things. They get updates on new techniques, tools, and safety rules. This helps the team stay sharp and feel confident about what they’re doing.

Talking Clearly

In a lifeguard team, talking is key. Managers set up ways for lifeguards to talk to each other quickly and clearly. Whether it’s using radios or hand signals, good communication helps the team work together. It also helps managers share important info and coordinate the lifeguards.

Being Nice to People

Lifeguards deal with the public, so being nice is a big deal. Managers make sure their team is friendly, professional, and helpful. Making people feel good about their time at the pool or beach is part of the lifeguard job. Being polite and professional also makes the whole team look good.

Following the Rules

There are rules to follow in lifeguarding, and managers make sure everyone knows them. This includes local, state, and national rules. Managers check to see if the lifeguard team and the facility meet all the standards. Following the rules not only keeps everyone safe but also avoids any legal problems.

Checking In and Improving

Good management means always keeping an eye on how things are going. Managers watch lifeguards during their shifts, giving tips on how to get better. Regular check-ins help find areas where the team is strong and where they can improve. This helps everyone keep getting better at their jobs.

Celebrating Success

Managers in a lifeguard company also play a role in celebrating success. When the team does a great job – maybe handling a tough situation or just keeping everyone safe – it’s important to recognize that. Managers give shout-outs, praise the team, and maybe even have a small celebration. This helps boost morale and shows lifeguards that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Being Ready for Anything

Lifeguard managers know that things can change fast. They prepare the team to be ready for anything. Whether it’s a sudden weather change or unexpected situations, managers ensure that lifeguards stay adaptable. This means having backup plans, staying alert, and keeping the team on their toes. Being ready for anything helps lifeguards handle surprises and keeps everyone safe in all kinds of situations.

American Lifeguard Association’s Role

In the lifeguard world, the American Lifeguard Association (ALA) is a big deal. They offer lifeguard training, classes nearby, and certifications that are top-notch. ALA helps make lifeguarding more professional by giving the latest training and certifications. Lifeguard managers can trust ALA’s programs to make sure their teams are ready for any water challenge.


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