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TransAct Technologies to Present at Upcoming Jefferies Virtual Software Conference

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HAMPTON, Conn.–(Commercial Wire)–August 30, 2021–

Transact Technologies Incorporated (NASTAC: DACT) today announced that Bart Schultman is President and CEO of Global Printing Solutions for the Software Technology and Advanced Development Markets, as well as Steve Demardino, President and CFO. The upcoming Jefferies Virtual Software Conference will host a second conference on Tuesday, September 14 and Wednesday, September 15, and a virtual presentation on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 4:00 pm. The virtual presentation can be accessed via webcast and directly from the Events and Presentations section of the Trans Act website: transacttech.gcs-web.com/.

About Trans Act Technologies

Transact Technologies Incorporated is a global leader in developing software-based technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets including food service, casino and gaming, automated POS and oil and gas. The company’s solutions are tailored to customer needs and are sold under the BOHA brand! , AccuDate EP, EPICENTRAL®, Epic®, Ithaca® and Printrex®. Transact has sold more than 3.3 million printers and terminals worldwide and is committed to providing global service, spare parts and accessories to support the established product base.

Through Transact Services Group, the company offers customers a full range of products and services online at http://www.transactsupply.com and a direct sales team. TRANS ACT is headquartered in Hampton, CT. For more information, please visit http://www.transact-tech.com or call (203) 859-6800.

Booha! It is a trademark of Transact Technologies. 21 2021 Transact Technologies Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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