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Essential Tips for Buying Wedding Jewelry

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Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and every bride wants to shine on this day.

Jewelry is an important aspect, adding the necessary finishing touches to your outfit. Your jewelry will add to your aura, sparkle, and overall look.

The experts at Desire Gem have key tips for buying your wedding jewelry:

Buy Your Jewelry Before You Get Your Dress

Brides often buy dresses before jewelry, but that is a mistake. Wedding jewelry will likely be much more expensive than your clothes. Remember that your dress should enhance your jewelry, not detract from it. Whether it’s Indian jewelry or any other design, they should stand out while complementing your outfit.

Choose According To The Occasion

Traditionally, there are several wedding ceremonies, so you should plan your jewelry according to the occasion. For example, Haldi and Mehendi rituals often accompany lighter pieces – pale gold necklaces, gold earrings, etc.

We recommend focusing on your ring for the engagement, with minimal emphasis on other areas. Reception and cocktail parties are often to dazzle with a diamond necklace.

Of course, the wedding day is the most important, and our advice is to stick with the traditional look. True to the Indian style, we offer wholesale silver sterling pendant earrings set with beautiful details and gem embellishment. It is important to note that the neckline of your dress should match the shape of the necklace design for the best effect. North Indian brides can opt for sophisticated Polki clothes with a vintage look.

When choosing earrings, you should pay attention to the hairstyle appropriate for each occasion. Heavy earrings would work well for buns and other updos, and a lighter and longer earring style will compliment your whole look if your hair is down.

Invest in Jewelry That Can Last a Forever

Your wedding tressure should have some pieces that you can wear after the big day. Pick some pieces that can last you a lifetime and will never look dated, such as heritage gold bangles, beautiful nose pins, pretty jhumkas, and other options. Nowadays, the trend is to buy detachable wedding jewelry that can be made into something simpler at a later stage. Chokers are always in trend and have a great addition to any jewelry collection or look.

We always suggest buying in bulk for a better price and are happy to discuss wholesale silver jewels with you to add that extra sparkle to your wedding.

Wedding jewelry often gets boring after a few years, and we want to help you change that.

Renowned as one of the best wholesale jewelry houses in the country, Desire Gem has an array of choices for every type of woman.

Be Comfortable

Finally, but in our opinion, the most important point is that you should feel comfortable with your jewelry. After all, it’s your big day, and you want to make the most of it. Try to avoid wearing earrings that are too heavy for occasions when you have to dance. Jewelry shouldn’t feel cramped but should accentuate your light.

We hope these tips help you choose the best jewelry for your wedding! Browse our beautiful pendant earrings jewelry set collection to explore your options.


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