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Which is the best mixed bill counter machine?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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The mixed bill counter machine is essentially an automated equipment that has been programmed to determine and count the different denominations of currencies. These counting machines have become an essential component for a lot of organizations and businesses that deal with regular stream of cash flow. These machines help immensely in increasing the productivity of the businesses by reducing manpower and increasing the efficiency of work.

The mixed bill counter machine is available in different types and working mechanisms which varies based on the manufacturer plus the technology used. Unlike the single bill denomination counting machines, the mixed denomination counter enables the users to load various bills in the machine regardless of the denomination. These counters make use of the color imaging sensors for scanning every note, which is followed by bill recognition system which helps in determining the denomination of each note. This corresponds to the sum of each denomination within the stack and it places the notes the similar value together in the batch. 

Ribao technology produces the most efficient bill counter machines

The Ribao technology has manufactured and supplied thousands of cash handling machines that includes sorter and bill counters, coin sorter and counter, and the counterfeit detector to customers across the world. The Ribao technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996 and it has now transitioned into one of the most advanced high-tech enterprise that integrates production, development, research and marketing. The main focus of the company’s business is in the fields of coin sorting and counting, bill sorting and counting. The products from the company are distributed across more than 100 countries as well as regions. The products that are sold to the European nations all pass the standards of European Central Bank plus all the products from the company also meet the CB and CE certifications. 

Some of the featured products from the company includes Coin sorter with detection, high speed coin counter, bank note counter and sorter. These products are widely used in the supermarkets, buses, subways, retailers, lottery industries and automatic sellers amongst others. With the aim of providing the customers with efficient service and modern tools of management, the company has setup a warehouse as well as post-sales service centre in Seattle and Dallas. The company also setup the warehouse and European branch in Copenhagen, Denmark for providing highly efficient service and delivery for the customers located in EU countries. 

The different bill counter machines sold by Ribao technology

Some of the best and most efficient bill counter machines that are manufactured and sold by the Ribao technology includes Two Pockets Banknote Counter and Sorter reject pocket BCS-160, Super Quality Coin Counter and Sorter 9+1 pockets CS-910S+, Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Banknote Counter BC-40, Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Value Counter BC-55 (Two CIS), and Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Banknote Counter BC-40 amongst others. 

Each of these machines come equipped with latest and sophisticated detection technology. The software in these machines can be easily updated through USB to sort out new issues regarding counterfeit banknotes. 


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