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Essential Questions That You Need to Ask Before Purchasing Business Cards

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The versatility and effectiveness of the business card have made them one of the best traditional marketing options for both small and large companies. They work like miniature billboards that will help you generate a positive first impression of your company. Unlike many other traditional and digital marketing methods, they don’t come with an expiry date unless you replace or add some crucial information about your business.

When you incorporate the business card into your marketing campaign, you will be able to sharpen your advertising strategy even more. A well-designed and informative business card will help you improve every aspect of your company. One study proved that 75% of people judge the reliability and professionalism of businesses through effective and eye-catching business card. This is why business owners should never make mistakes while designing their business card. Here are some important questions that you need to ask before you start purchasing and designing business card.

How Can You Design Your Business Cards?

Generating a positive first impression with the help of a beautifully designed business card is not a simple task. More than 50% of both small and large businesses believe that business cards are one of the most important tools for the growth and success of their company. There are numerous steps you need to keep in mind to design attractive business cards that will help you generate quality leads.

First, you need to focus on the color scheme and the business logo so that you can showcase proper branding through the business cards. After that, you need to choose a specific layout. If you’re facing problems, don’t forget to contact us as we will provide the best custom business cardsMake sure the design, color, texture, and card shape you choose for your business cards can reflect the message and style of the company.

What is the Relevant Size for the Business Cards?

In the United States, most business cards come in an average size of 3.5 x 2 inches. This is the perfect size for the business cards as its tiny enough to fit in a pocket or wallet. Additionally, you will also have a sufficient amount of space where you can include relevant contact. And other necessary details of your business.

You can also choose the credit-card-sized option for the business card that will help you showcase the uniqueness of your company. The shapes you choose will determine the relevancy and effectiveness. Not to mention, creative shapes for your business card will also help you stand apart from your competitors.

What is the cost of the Business Cards?

Custom shape, color schemes, designs, patterns, material, and quality of the card are some of the most common things. That will determine the price of the business card. Various studies have found that more than 40% of customers avoid engaging. With a brand if the business card look cheap and unattractive. As business card are important to generate positive first impressions, make sure you invest in the quality.

Choose business card that will fit your marketing budget. However, don’t save money by sacrificing the quality. As per Small Business, marketing budget is important.


These are some essential questions you should ask before purchasing custom business cards. Make sure you contact us if you need the best business cards.



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