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Wax Burners And Wax Warmers; Is There A Difference?

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There is very little difference between a wax burner and a wax warmer. The two objects serve the same purpose, turning wax from its solid to liquid form. So what is the difference between a burner and a warmer? The difference mainly relies on how they are used, wax burners vs wax warmers is a simple discussion. Wax burners mainly use tea candles while wax warmers are electrical, though there are wax burners that are electrical now too

What Are Wax Burners And Wax Warmers For?

Both are made to warm up wax bars but for a different purpose. The term wax warmers are more commonly known to be used for warming up wax for the purpose of hair removal while wax burners are used to create a calming atmosphere. But the terms burners and warmers can be used for the same thing either way.

The essential part, the wax bars are what makes the difference such as using wax melts. Wax melts can be used either with the tea candle burner or an electrical warmer, while wax for hair removal is just best with an electrical warmer. 

Which Is Better?

Which is better to use, a burner or a wammer? It depends on what you’ll be using it for. In using wax, such as wax melts, there are still a number of things you need to remember before purchasing the equipment. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Heat control – choosing the right tea light candle will be allowing you to control the heat and preventing the wax from burning
  • Size – burners and warmers come in different sizes to accommodate the amount of wax you use; you can easily use a small, electrical one for safer use.
  • Convenience – buying an electrical warmer is more expensive than a tea light burner, but it can be tedious having to buy more candles when you start to run out.

Using a tea light candle burner is better in warming up the wax and releasing the scent around the room, but using an open flame burner does pose the risk of starting fires especially when you’re a working mom with kids running around the house. Electrical warmers on the other hand keep the wax warm for a longer time as it takes longer to reach the heating point and less chances of burning the wax, still making it usable for next use.

You can get your own wax melter from shops online that come in unique and aesthetic designs. There are an abundance of shops that you can browse through such as Oh My Melt to get your own wax melter. Their wax melters and burners are affordable and come both in tea light burners and electric warmers. You will be able to easily order and use them at the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to also browse through their wide array of fragrant wax melts to complete your order.


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