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How did Mirza Ghulam Die

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani established the foundations of his religion in the latter half of the 19th century. Ghulam Ahmad was born in Qadian in the province of Punjab in India in 1839. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad began his campaign as an evangelist of Islam. A large crowd were gathered close to him. Then , he started to declare that the man believed he was Mujaddid and was in the hands of Allah. He took another claim, saying it was his eagerly anticipated Mahdi also known as his promised Masih.

In the year 1901, he declared as a prophet, and believed that the prophethood that he claimed was greater and more effective than the one from Hazrat Muhammad . He gradually grew more confident in his beliefs until his death from Cholera at the age of 1908 in Lahore and was buried in did mirza ghulam die?

A division took place in the Qadiani group due to the arrival of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad, the successor to Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad. The disagreement was over definitions of the doctrines that comprised the basis of those of the Qadiani group. They are known by the name from the Qadiani and Lahori sects. Both Qadiani groups pretend to belong to their Muslim sects, yet they are an unrighteous cult and non-muslim and a kafir.

Rabitah Al-Alam al Islami(Makkah) and Pakistan’s constitutional amendment of 1974 recognized Qadianism (Qadianis as well as Lahoris) as non-Muslims.

The adherents that belong to Qadiani religion. Qadiani religion are part of these convictions:

  • The prophethood was not over after Hazrat Muhammad, or Mirza Ghulam. Ahmad Qadiani has been named the Nabi who will succeed him.
  • Mirza claimed of Muhammad () was the first born in Makkah and also that he was the second son of Muhammad () and as claiming that he is more blessed than Muhammad () Prophet Muhammad () SaintGfrllh
  • Similar to all Qadianis believe that in Azan Moazzan’s sermon, he states that Muhammad this is an ode towards Mirza Qadiani.
  • Jibreel AS came to Mirza and opened up to him.
  • The family of Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani was similar with the Sahabah.
  • Jihad against the kuffar’s is not valid and untrue
  • Everyone Muslims are kuffars, with the exception of those who adhere to Qadianism.

Mirza Qadiani openly claimed loyalty to the British crown. I


He also repeated many of them which he repeated in his writings and advertisements frequently. They have been proven to be false later and are still the norm. What is the reason anyone who tells a lie could be regarded as having the status as a prophet from Allah. Only an instance Falsehood suffices to show that one isn’t an angel from Allah In the next verses, five instances are given that are mentioned in the books of Mirza and demonstrate without doubt that throughout the entire sequence of events, the man was lying and deceiving and did not make false claims of receiving the confirmation of Allah.

Prophecy regarding his son’s birth. Pir Manzoor.

Peer Manzoor was an eminent associate and close associate of Mirza and Mirza was aware of his wife’s pregnancy. Therefore, Mirza came up with an opinion that claimed Peer Manzoor’s wife expected to give birth to a baby boy but the baby was born to a girl. As his prediction has been confirmed to be incorrect, Mirza clarified that what is claimed by him wasn’t a guarantee there was a baby born in the time of this pregnancy. However, it is possible that a boy was born later in any subsequent pregnancy. This did not happen due to the fact that Peer Manzoor’s wife died without having children. Therefore, Mirza’s prophecy proven to be false and his lie was revealed to the entire world.

(Haqiqat-ul-wahi Pg 100, Ruhani Khazain Pg 103, Vol. 22)

Prophecy regarding Mirza’s death place :

Mirza questioned the place where he died in his writings and stated that he’d either die in Makkah or Madinah Munawara. References (Al Bushra, P 155, Tazkarah Jadid P 591, Tazkarah old edition P 584)

It is a proven fact that Mirza passed away in Lahore from Cholera. Moreover, he did not visit Makkah or Madinah during his life time. According to Seerat Al Mahdi (vol 3 Page 119) it states “Dr Muhammad Ismail told me that promised messiah (Mirza) never performed Haj or Itikaf, did not pay zakat.

This is a clear indication of the location of death of Mirza and thus denying his prediction of his death at Makkah and Madinah

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