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Importance of Proctored Exam in the Education Sector

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A proctored exam is considered an exam where one person continuously supervises and monitors several students. These persons are proctors who are generally responsible for student ID authentication, keeping track of exam time, and ensuring that students correctly follow the exam instructions and guidelines. Exam proctors have become highly important in online learning and education.

Working on Protcoing Exam

The use of dynamic, robust, and reliable software is essential during online proctoring. Although, the effective cloud-based system mainly drives the infrastructure of proctoring exams. The educational sector might face difficulties conducting proctored exams if they lack an appropriate cloud-based system. Overall, The working principles of proctored exams are shown below:

3-Point Student’s ID Authentication

The hired proctor will ensure the candidate’s authenticity who appeared for the exam by performing multiple checks. For example, the candidates must first get themselves registered, verify their ID proofs, and then click the real-time picture before starting the exam. Along with this, a remote proctor also monitors the examinee’s surroundings to prevent cheating.

Monitoring Candidates in Real-time

Another principle of proctoring exams involves continuous monitoring of candidates who have appeared for the exam. For instance, the software like Dr. Proctor includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms which monitor the candidates consistently as well as detect incidents where candidates have not appeared for the exam, use of mobile phone, and any unusual movement of candidate’s eyes and involvement of another additional person within the room.

Review and store data

The proctoring exams include a cloud-based system that stores real-time data and information, such as exam videos and audio recordings. This principle helps the proctor and other educational experts review the exams again to find any cheating cases.

Role of Online Proctoring in the Education Sector

The adoption of e-learning methods leads to a major shift in the education system.

Companies and educational centers started using online proctoring to conduct online exams safely without any case of cheating. Implementing online proctoring in the institutional infrastructure has made the conduction exams from remote areas. Generally, live and recorded are the two common online proctoring educational institutions use. The benefits of online proctored exams are illustrated below:

Making Education Accessible To Everyone:

The use of online proctoring exams increases the accessibility of international students to all. Furthermore, the education sector is focused on establishing e-learning programs and virtual learning systems for students.

Create a Safe Examination Environment:

The online proctors ensure that there is no cheating by keeping track of students’ activities from remote areas. In the age of digital education, online proctoring is very important to conduct the exams properly and more efficiently.

In Summary

Overall, proctoring exams play a critical role in the times of online education and learning because it provides a safe examination environment. Although, there is some proctoring software that enables educational centers to monitor the student’s desktop, audio, and video during the exam. Moreover, the software detects any other application running on a student’s desktop and directly streams all the exam information back to proctoring software through the cloud. Therefore, institutions within the education sector can adopt online proctoring software to minimize the difficulties in online exams like cheating.

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