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Aliza Jane – The Greek Freak | Kanye, Andrew Tate, and Drake Scandal

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Aliza Jane is known for her intimate scandals with the likes of Drake, Andrew Tate, and Kanye “Ye” West. She is known as “The Greek Freak” and is a social media influencer on the internet.

Aliza Jane and Her Claims with NBA Stars

Aliza Jane became popular on the internet when she claimed that she had been dating some of the most popular NBA stars. She claimed that they spent the night together and had good fun. 

It was a 2020 podcast with Adam22 on Youtube, where she claimed that she was approached by many NBA stars through her social accounts, and they were flirting with her. Since this news was blowing up the internet, no NBA player has come forward to accept or deny her claims. 

Aliza Jane and Kanye “Ye” West 

As she blew up on social media, she saw the opportunity and took it by saying that she had been in an intimate relationship with star rapper Kanye “Ye” West. 

Kanye West (who recently changed his name to “Ye” has also become an internet sensation after his and Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Since their divorce, Kanye has been doing a thing or two to get Kim back, but that doesn’t seem to work out.

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Kanye has been making bold moves to get Kim’s attention, such as dating girls that look exactly like Kim and hooking up with famous models. One of those famous models might have been Aliza Jane.

Aliza Jane and Kanye “Ye” West 
Image source: YouTube

No one has seen Kanye West and Aliza Jane together, but her claims about her “short-timed” relationship seem to get stronger. According to Aliza Jane, she and Kanye met in Miami and exchanged numbers. 

After he returned to Miami from LA, their relationship got so stronger that Kanye invited Aliza to his music studio. Here’s what she says happened at the studio:

Yes, the above clip from a podcast clearly has her saying that Kanye West disrespected her at the studio. According to Aliza, as soon as she entered the studio, Kanye West asked her to strip and dance in front of all his friends.

In another interview, Aliza Jane claimed that they just had a kiss – nothing more happened after that.

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However, Aliza Jane’s plan was to be a fly on the wall and just see how these big rappers make music, but Kanye wasn’t inviting her for that. 

In that same podcast, Aliza Jane claimed that Kanye West was her new year’s kiss. He eventually blocked her as she wanted to come closer to Kanye West. 

 Tough her claims are bold and wild, there is no actual proof that Kanye made her do that. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even any proof that Kanye and Aliza ever met. 

Aliza Jane Made Drake Change His Number

Aliza Jane isn’t called a freak for no reason. Drake had to change his number because of how freaky she got with him. Some people on the internet said that Drake sexually assaulted Aliza Jane but said they were just having fun.

“I didn’t feel like I was abused; it was just weird,” said Aliza Jane on the No Jumper podcast

She says that she loves Drake and wants to be in a relationship with him.

Aliza Jane and Andrew Tate on the Same Podcast?

Wait a minute! There isn’t any scandal between Andrew Tate and Aliza Jane. We’re trying to say that Andrew and Aliza Jane have been on the same podcast and discussed topics such as Male dominance, Female dominance, and healthy relationships.

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There were some moments when the conversation got a little steamy. Here’s a still for you to enjoy:

Watch the full podcast by FreshandFit featuring Andrew Tate, Aliza Jane, and many models, along with the hosts. 

Who is Aliza Jane?

Aliza Jane is a famous adult Instagram and Onlyfans model who got popular by claiming to have hooked up with famous celebrities. 

Who is Aliza Jane?
Image source: Aliza Jane social account (Insta)

Aliza was born on May 27, 1997, in California, but she calls herself The Greek Freak, meaning she is originally from Greece. She is not one of those rude Instagram models. She has a kind and charming personality if you see her talking on podcasts. 

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As of 2022, she is 25 years old. She was born in the US and completed her childhood schooling in her hometown. No sooner after she was an adult, she decided to take advantage of her amazing body and started a career in modeling.

Ethnicity and Family Background

Her parents are also American. According to Aliza, she is of Hispanic ethnicity, but she’s, after all, an American. Her off-screen hours are spent with her family and parents. 

The question of who her parents are is still answered, as she hasn’t shared any background information about that. 

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Is Aliza Jane Single?

Aliza Jane has not shared her relationship status with the internet. However, the nature of her work (adult modeling) clearly reflects that she is single and ready to mingle.

Aliza Jane Plastic Surgery

Recently, Aliza had her body worked out by a doctor, and she is a completely different person now. Back then, she used to be natural, but she wanted to explore more options of what the human body is capable of. 

Now, she has had breast and butt implants, and she’s back at it again!

Aliza Jane Net Worth

On the podcast with Andrew Tate, she shared that she once made $100k in a day. Currently, she has $1 million in net worth.

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Andrew Tate advised her to “sell” her services rather than give her body away for free. She makes her money from adult modeling, especially from Onlyfans. 

Aliza Jane – Fun Facts

  • She is known on the internet as The Greek Freak
  • She often posts explicit content – her Twitter account was banned due to that
  • She has over 5000 followers on TikTok and growing
  • She is about to reach 50k followers on YouTube
  • Aliza Jane’s Zodiac sign is Gemini
  • She is 25 years old
  • She has a net worth of $1.3 million
  • She claims to have kissed Kanye West


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