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Why You Should Choose a Two Wheeler Loan To buy Bike?

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In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is in a hurry, two-wheelers are indeed a boon to daily commuters. They are low maintenance and help you get away from the traffic jam in minutes. However, no matter how convenient they are, buying a bike is still a pretty big financial investment. One that might be daunting to many. Such a condition is where you can apply for two wheeler loan in your budget calculations and prevent financial burdens.

There are many benefits of availing a two-wheeler loan, and some of them might make you change your mind if you were planning to buy a bike in cash or through self-finance. 

Reasons why to Choose a Two Wheeler Loan

  • Better Interest Rates

Two-wheelers have been in demand for the past years due to their convenience. As a result, an increase in the number of two-wheeled vehicles has affected the interest rates at which lenders provide loans for them, and the rates have considerably decreased.  

  • Reduced Burden 

Two-wheelers are a heavy investment. Even if you can pay the total price of the vehicle at once, it is much more feasible to pay small installments over a period than a large sum at once. Two-wheeler loans also help you in maintaining your savings while you pay only for the installments. 

  • Hassle-Free Approvals  

Two-wheeler loans are generally approved in a short period. In addition, the eligibility to apply for a two wheeler loan is not a very hard criterion to meet. You don’t need to go from one financial institution to another. All you need to do is apply for the loan online, visit the lender for verification and get the money transferred into your account. 

  • High Coverage For Added Assistance  

The cost of a showroom vehicle is always lower than the on-road price of that vehicle. If you are short on budget, you can always choose to quote the vehicle’s on-road price for an added assistance in buying it. This way, your loan will cover the overall expenses that might occur in purchasing a bike. 

  • You Get Way More Return Than The Money You Put In

Apart from the amount of loan that you apply for, you can also get insurance and accidental cover for your vehicle in recent times. Furthermore, the loan would also help you avail of additional accessories for your bike.

You also get to choose your own EMIs, which helps you maintain your monthly budget accordingly. You can take help from an online bike EMI calculator to acquire knowledge of this amount. 


It is indeed a very sensible decision to buy a two-wheeler on loan rather than on self-finance as the amount of benefit the former gives makes the tip of the scale bend towards it. Moreover, a loan helps you determine the course of your repayment according to your convenience. 

In addition, the loan also helps you avail of tax and depreciation benefits and, most importantly, enables you to realize your dream without any compromise. 

Several financial institutions provide you with good two-wheeler loan schemes. Among the best is Bajaj Auto Finance. You can look into different plans, benefit from their bike EMI calculator and choose the best-suited one for yourself. 


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