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Why You Need to Attest Your Documents before Submission?

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There are various types of documents that need to be attested at different phases of life. Either you want to apply to a foreign university for higher studies or apply for a job in a new state, or even start your own business. You need your attested documents for submission at every stage. And this practice is performed globally, to check the authentication of the documents and character of a person as an individual. The process of attestation is not just a signature from higher authorities. Rather, it is based upon a number of steps that check and proofread the documents and eventually approve or reject them on the basis of that evaluation.

Why do you need attestation before submission?

As we discussed above, attestation is a must thing to do while applying for any sort of visit, like job, study, immigration, or tourism. So, once we get to know it is a mandatory process then one should attest all of his/her documents even before applying for a visa. And these documents must be attested from right and legal sources to keep yourself away from disasters at the final moment. Because working in the right direction is better than trying shortcuts in the wrong direction. This attestation is basically to endorse whether the documents are fit for a particular purpose or not.

Does attestation make any difference in documents approval or rejection?

Yes, it is definitely impacting an application. If you submit your application without attestation, it will not be accepted. And it will not be an easy task to recognize the difference between authentic or fake documents. Because many people are already working on making copies of documents just like the original to bluff the system. That is why legal attestation authorizes the documents to cut off cheating or double-crossing.

Service of attestation required in UAE:
Dubai is the hub of businesses and tourism. Whereas it also offers huge opportunities for job seekers and workers in various fields. In that case, attestation of documents is a mandatory process to apply for a visit visa, family visa, sponsorship, starting a new venture all these required attested and authorized documents from the native countries and approved from the embassy. Many agencies offer the best attestation services in UAE to ease your workload.

Documents that are needed to be attested in Dubai:

Requirements of documents and attestation may slightly vary as per the nature of the visa or an applicant’s need. But still, a few basic documents are quite essential to be authorized and attest. Here is the following list of documents that may require attestation from higher authorities:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Identity and address proof
  3. Educational history documents and degrees
  4. Job employment letter
  5. Experience certificate
  6. Birth certificate

The above documents are most commonly used after attestation for whole proceedings in Dubai.

Procedure to get your documents attested in Dubai:

The process is simple yet crucial. Furthermore, you going to need the attestation services in Dubai for your documents quite often. The attestation process in Dubai is based upon the following steps:

  1. Notary attestation: this is going to be attested from your country’s notary center and they will place a seal for initiating the attestation procedure.
  2. Home department attestation: now you have to attest your documents from the home department of your state or region. And these documents will be verified by the presiding officer.
  3. Attestation by HRD ministry: they verify and legalize the documents by putting a stamp on them.
  4. UAE embassy: once the above attestation process has been completed. Now you need to submit your documents to the UAE embassy approved by MOFA as well.

In the end, I would conclude that this process is going to take effort, energy, and obviously a huge amount of time. So, hiring an agency for these things is a better option rather than running day and night to process all documents. Because these agencies have contacts in governable authorities. Their professionalism and longtime experience will also help them to work more efficiently. By keeping these points in your mind, you should search for the best business setup company in Dubai that offers attestation services as well. And we assure you will not regret hiring us. We offer affordable packages with exclusive services.



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