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Why Are Cockroaches So Difficult to Exterminate?

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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Cockroach invasion is one of the most challenging bug infestations to deal with. And the fact that they proliferate quickly doesn’t make the matter any easier. It may look effortless to crush one under your shoes. But how many more can you locate and kill within your home through this method? Yet, despite applying several conventional pest treatments, the condition isn’t any better.

The factors bolstering roaches’ resistance to extermination are gene-related. Across their evolutionary years, they’ve been engineered to be a resilient species among other insects. Most of these amassed genomes are what make cockroaches keen on survival.

Do you wonder why roaches in your home are difficult to deal with? These are the reasons.

Rigid Exoskeletons

The flexible and tough exoskeleton of cockroaches makes them able to withstand traumas from objects multiple times their size. Their external anatomy consists of several stretchy overlapping plates, making them tolerant to pressure. Unless you stomp on them numerous times, you barely might harm the insects.

Similarly, their bodily properties allow them to flatten up to fit the tiniest of cracksꟷ, which makes you lose their trail quickly.

Strong Chemoreception

Cockroaches have incredible senses of taste and smell. Since they’re not picky eaters, they have a wide range of domestic items to aid their survival. Papers, fabrics, woods, and toothpaste are some of their favorites. They can also feed on the decay of other insects when roaming outdoors.

High Reproduction Rate

Generally, all species of cockroach breed at alarming rates. A single female German cockroach is capable of producing an invasion comprising over 30,000 individual cockroaches. Within 50 to 60 days, their younglings reach reproductive maturity.

While some attach their eggs to surfaces, others carry them until they hatch. In parthenogenesis, females don’t require mating before making their offspring.

The Ability to Live Without a Head

With tiny holes in cockroaches’ bodies, their head isn’t needed for respiration. At least for a few days, this open circulatory system will suffice. But the head is vital for feeding and drinking. Without it, they die of dehydration and hunger after thriving for a maximum of a week.


Have you tried chasing a cockroach before? We bet you can tell how difficult it was to catch. They can speed up to 50 times their body length in a second. In conjunction with this astounding trait is their sensitivity to ground activities. So, you can’t quite sneak up on them. Before you raise a foot, they’re off.

Strong Immune Systems

Roaches’ genomes have cytochrome P450 genes responsible for coding different detoxifying enzymes that make them deal excellently with toxicity. This has also made them exceptionally resistant to insecticides. Of all the reasons they’re difficult to eradicate, this is more unsettling. And until you find appropriate pest control products, they’ll remain in your home.

Moreover, resistant cockroaches produce offspring with similar or stronger immunity. According to studies, these pesky pests can even develop resistance to a chemical they haven’t been exposed to before.

Have you had a fruitless try putting cockroach problems at bay in your home? The reason your efforts aren’t yielding desired results is due to the discussed points. However, no hope is lost. With professional aid, you can eliminate them for good.


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