Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Homeowners Have Borrowing Tools They Can Use in Hard Times

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Buying a home today isn’t easy. The price of a property and everything else keeps climbing faster than wages in cities across North America. Homeowners who entered the property market years ago may feel lucky to have snagged a price that would seem impossibly low today, but everyone faces financial pressure.

Life comes with expensive obligations and opportunities, and homeowners paying off a mortgage may not always feel like they’re bursting with cash. However, they can borrow money against their home’s equity in different ways they should know about, as it may relieve some considerable stress.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A home equity line of credit, more often known as a HELOC, is a great way to get flexible money when you need it at a lower rate than would be possible without leveraging your home’s equity. With the industry leaders, you can get a home equity loan with bad credit that can save you during hard times.

An independent appraiser will determine your home’s current value, and you can borrow on the difference between your home’s worth and the equity you’ve put into it over the years. 

HELOCs can be used for whatever purposes you want. Homeowners tend to use it judiciously, as non-payment can result in serious risks, like losing their property. Popular reasons for borrowing include paying for renovations that boost the home’s value, education, debts, cars, and more.

There isn’t merely one type of HELOC, so speak to your mortgage broker about the right payment options for you.

Home Equity Loan

Homeowners that need a big lump sum rather than an ongoing line of credit are wise to take out a home equity loan. Like a HELOC, it also leverages your home’s equity to help get you better rates and options.

A home equity loan can be a great way to consolidate higher interest payments and lower your monthly debts. No matter your credit rating, income, or debt levels, a home equity loan can help homeowners save significant money.

Speak to a mortgage broker about establishing monthly terms that fit your budget. Home equity loans can be a great tool to lower your stress levels, rescue your finances, and even squirrel some money away each month.

Homeowners may suddenly need a significant chunk of money to pay for things like an emergency renovation if the roof leaks. The pandemic only underscored how our living spaces must reflect our lifestyles. People renovated their homes to add space for them to get work done efficiently or for their kids to play — a home equity loan can help homeowners access this cash under manageable terms.

The world is changing in numerous ways, and it only seems to be getting more expensive. From rising interest rates that make borrowing from the bank more expensive to inflation driving up costs, people need more money than they did before just to keep afloat. Make sure you know the healthy ways to leverage existing equity to give your finances a much-needed boost. 


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