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Is Your Birth Control Reliable? – Vasectomy Cost

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ElitesMindset Editorial Team
ElitesMindset Editorial Team
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There are so many options available to us today for birth control. Throughout our sexually active lives, we likely change our birth control choices depending on where we are up to in our lives and what are plans are at that time. It can also vary depending on what type of relationship we are in. But whatever our current choices are, we need to be responsible and always be prepared. Of course, with so many options available, it can sometimes make the choice more difficult, and we are left wondering what the best way to go is. A number of treatments can come with side effects warnings. Then there is always the level of reliability for each different option. There is a lot to consider. For some, they are already absolutely sure that they will never want children, or they have already completed their family and do not want any more. Rather than work their way through the minefield that is contraceptive choices, those who are sure they definitely do not want to have kids, or any more kids, may want something permanent so the issue is dealt with once and for all. But how much does tubal ligation or a vasectomy cost?

Making a decision on birth control is not something you should put off. But having a vasectomy or tubal ligation is a really big decision to make and something you must be really sure about before you commit to. Unfortunately, there have been many who think it is a semi-permanent solution and that in the future they can just have the procedure reversed when they are ready to start a family. But this has proved to be a big mistake that they have lived to regret for the rest of their lives. A vasectomy or tubal ligation should always be considered as a permanent, no going back, solution to birth control. While it has occasionally been successful to reverse it, this is not always the case.

A vasectomy is the cheaper, less invasive and safer of the two procedures and is therefore also the most common. A vasectomy can cost between $300 and $3,000. Tubal ligation will cost about $6,000.

Whatever you decide and whichever treatment you opt for, just be absolutely sure that you do not want children. Have open discussions with your partner and be happy with your decision before you book your appointment.


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