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Which Case Types are Eligible for Pre-Settlement Funding?

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You could run into depression after an accident, worrying about how you will pay for every expense. Rent or mortgage payments, medical bills, and normal day-to-day expenses add up quickly. 

It’s worst If your case is not resolved quickly. Moreover, the justice system is usually slow. Pre-settlement legal funding can lessen the stress of a pending injury lawsuit when involved in an accident.

What is Pre-settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding or pre-settlement loan is a cash advance for those who have a pending personal injury lawsuit but need money right away. Pre-settlement loans can be a precious resource for individuals involved in an accident. 

The average personal injury lawsuit takes about 18 months to resolve. But then, many people require money much sooner to cover their expenses. Until they can either return to work or settle their lawsuit.

When you don’t have enough money after an accident, Provident lawsuit loans can stand as your paycheck. If you qualify, you can be granted fast and easy lawsuit loans. Also, you don’t have to worry about paying back until your lawsuit is over. It’s more like using the money from the future lawsuit settlement.

Eligible Cases For Lawsuit Loan

Not every legal case is eligible for a lawsuit loan. Here are some cases that qualify the plaintiff to apply for a lawsuit settlement loan.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims are a valid reason to apply for a lawsuit loan.  

You have faith in your physician and other health professionals to help rather than harm you. They are, however, occasionally negligent. Medical negligence can cause serious bodily harm or death. 

Medical malpractice arises when a health care provider or professional

  • Fails to provide appropriate treatment
  • Fails to take an appropriate action
  • Gives inadequate care to a patient, resulting in harm

When their negligence causes serious injuries, you most likely have a valid legal claim. Since the lawsuit may take long, a lawsuit loan will be needed to keep you afloat.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are illnesses or injuries that result from an employee’s job. They arise as a result of and during employment. In most cases, a workplace injury occurs due to an unsafe working environment. Perhaps the surroundings are hazardous, or the equipment is defective. Hazardous chemicals could also pollute the environment.

You might be unable to function in any significant capacity if you were seriously injured on the job. You are most likely not earning as much as you did before your injuries. Furthermore, workers’ compensation insurance is unlikely to cover all of your financial needs. Fortunately, victims of workplace injuries are eligible for lawsuit Loans.

Slip and Fall Claims

As the name implies, slip and fall accidents are incidents in which someone slips and falls for any reason. As a result, they may sustain some injury. Legal action may be filed if the injured person is lawfully on another’s property when the slip and fall occurs.

Injuries can range from bruises or fractured ribs to severe head trauma. A perfectly normal and mobile person may suffer a slip and fall accident and endure years of intense pain, psychological trauma, and financial difficulties.

Property owners must take appropriate precautions to keep their property safe for anyone who enters it. You may file a lawsuit if

  • They did know about a hazard 
  • Or should have rationally known about a hazard and did nothing to prevent the risk.

This case qualifies you for a pre-settlement loan.

Employees Rights

Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, your employer is responsible for ensuring the environment is convenient. They must ensure that you are properly trained in any facilities you must use. If you are injured on the job, your employer or a third party may be obligated to compensate you.

Wrongful Death

You can also get pre-settlement funding to help support your family if a family member dies due to gross negligence. These court trials can take years to resolve. 

The death of a loved one can leave a family in financial ruin, especially if the deceased was the breadwinner. While you seek monetary compensation for your loss, pre-settlement funding can provide some financial security.

Animal Bites

In the case of an animal attack, seek medical help as soon as possible. An animal bite, if not treated, can lead to injuries, contamination, and even death if the animal is infected.

If another animal has bitten you, you have felt pain and are at risk of complications such as infection and scarring. You may have significant medical bills and a long road to recovery for which you are entitled to compensation. While the lawsuit is ongoing, you may apply for a pre-settlement loan.

Auto Accidents

Every day, millions of people are injured in traffic accidents. When two vehicles collide, the amount of damage sustained is frequently enormous. When vehicles are traveling at higher speeds on the highway, it becomes more dangerous.

Any automobile’s weight, size, and structure all play a part in the intensity of injuries sustained during a collision. Sadly, from insurance to medical expenses, even minor injuries can be financially devastating for those injured. More severe injuries may cause permanent physical disability.

You might be able to seek compensation for your losses if you were involved in any type of motor vehicle accident. A car accident pre-settlement loan allows you to pay your rent and bills while you wait for your lawsuit to be settled.


Pre-settlement funding is advantageous for those whose settlements are still pending. With a lawsuit loan, you can sort your bills and treat the injuries that come with accidents and the negligence of others. Pre-settlement funding also helps you not to accept low settlement offers from the at-fault party. 

However, not all cases are eligible for pre-settlement funding. You need to research and consult with your lawyer if you aren’t sure of the eligibility of your case. In addition, the pre-settlement funding company will access your case to determine if you have a high chance of winning the trial.


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