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What Does an SEO Agency Do?

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What’s the Purpose of an SEO Agency

Many brands have seen the success that other competing brands have enjoyed switching the bulk of the marketing operations to an online platform. And they’ve decided to follow the same path. They understand what a digital marketing agency does. But why do some agencies advertise themselves as both an SEO agency and a digital marketing agency?

How SEO Came to Be

To understand the purpose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you have to have a basic understanding of how the Google search engine works and how it came to operate in the way it does.

Google is the only search engine used by the majority of the world’s internet users, so it’s the one that every digital marketing and SEO agency follows the rules of. These rules are the best practices that Google has established with the aim of providing every site on the Google search engine with a level playing field.

Google knew long ago that many of the users who came to the search engine looking for a specific product or service were likely only to consider the first page of the search engine results. But there may have been thousands of companies that were as good as the first ones listed.

Google came up with a ranking system that was based on a set of “best practices”. A website’s ranking was determined by how closely a website followed all best practices. The best practices were also formulated to give the users of Google a better quality experience by searching on Google instead of the other search engines of the time.

Evolving Best Practices

The best practices are a continuously evolving set of benchmarks that are being announced to rectify an emerging trend or bias that favours some websites over others.

Ever since people figured out the internet was an excellent way for a brand to reach a vast audience, the digital marketing industry was born. Digital marketers worldwide began trying to figure out the easiest ways to make their client’s sites rank higher in the Google rankings than their competitors.

Nowadays, there is no easy way. Digital marketing has become an integral part of any internet experience. The only way to increase your site ranking is to be diligent in following all the best practices that Google has issued currently.

And that’s where SEO comes in.

SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and digital marketing are two sides of the same coin. Every digital agency has both an SEO team and a marketing team. The SEO team supports the marketers by ensuring their client’s website is compliant with all the current best practices, as well as fixing any broken or faulty code on the site.

Learn more about the many aspects of SEO and digital marketing and what they can mean for your brand’s sales. Contact Primal in Malaysia and reap the benefits that a comprehensive digital marketing and sales strategy can offer.



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