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What Are The Tips And Techniques To Slay Your Selfies?

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Are you good at taking selfies? Your profile indeed makes the first impression. I know it sounds silly but sometimes your profile picture on your website and platform becomes the cues for the people to know who you are. So you also want your pictures to be true to reality, positive, complementary and authentic.

Taking a perfect selfie no doubt is a science. But how to master it? You definitely admire someone and some celebrity or model who is your inspiration. Whose pictures and selfies are always on point and perfect that you fall in just by looking at them, for example, LAUREN HENRY is a YouTuber and model with her gorgeous selfies and pictures she makes people fall in love. Do you also want to know the science behind this? Let’s dig into it.

Tips to slay your selfies

Angles matter

The first step should be your angles because it matters. So where should the camera be when taking pictures? Or when you take your phone to take a selfie or give someone to take it then how high is your camera set? Your camera angle indeed affects your impression.  Don’t take it from below because it makes you look bulky and expose your chin more. Take it slightly above your head that it makes you look self-confident and attractive.

Lighting is a key

After setting up your angle there is a need for lighting. Natural lighting does the thing almost with every picture and selfie that it embraces your features well. You also know your pictures are going to be good when there is the sun shining in the sky. Just set your angle towards the sun and click it if you are indoors then find a window where the sun rays are reflecting then that should be enough. In the nighttime find the perfect lighting and set you, angel, towards it not stand back facing it and boom you are good to go.

Edit your selfie

If you can’t find any light then editing will do the job that can save your life. Edit your pictures by adding some brightness and exposure to them but try to make it real that editing too much will make it unprofessional and give the fake feeling. If you are taking it for your profile then edit it to the size of your profile and try to make it unique that refers to your identity and who you are on the platform. The crucial thing is to have fun with your photos and experiment with new styles.


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