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Which Routines Make Your Hair Stronger And Healthy?

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Do you also wish to have perfect volume hair? And forgotten to give your hair attention? And have no idea about what your hair care should be. Promising a hair care routine ensures that your hair is healthy, nourished, and strong. Experts say first you should know what your hair type is and recognize the cause of your hair issue. This analysis will help us determine the necessary treatment and routine.

Hair Care routine is as important as skincare routine. It keeps your hair nourished, free of infection and other conditions and gives the idol-like look for example LAUREN BURCH is an Instagram model. She amazes people with her post and makes them like it with her beautiful figure and hair as well. If you are confused about what should be your hair care then you landed on the right page.

Steps to make your hair healthy

Massage oil

This is the mandatory routine that you should follow. You should apply oil on your hair once a week that provides you nutrition and hydration. Use oil essential for your hair type. There are steps to use it

  • Take your essential oil and mix it with oil of your choice
  • Take out in a bowl and warm it and apply it to your scalp
  • Massage it on your scalp for 5 minutes and leave it for an hour
  • After an hour rinse it with lukewarm water or shampoo

Your hair needs trimming

Trimming your hair every 2 to 3 months is recommended because it makes your hair grow healthier, soft and strong, free of split ends and makes it grow faster.

Lukewarm water is needed

Don’t use cold or too much hot water for your hair because it makes your hair damaged and frizzy. When you shower always set the temperature to lukewarm and rinse your hair gently.

Don’t use chemical-based conditioners

Avoid using chemical-based shampoos that make your hair soft and shiny just for temporary and then your hair loses its heath. Avoid conditioning it with chemicals and use natural hair conditioners that are essential for your hair type. Don’t shower too much. Yes, it may sound weird but it’s for your hair health don’t condition your hair every day try to wash your hair only 2 days a week if not possible then try to skip a day.

Don’t make it tight

Don’t tie your hair up high and tight too often so that it may result in breakage and hair fall eventually because your roots are continually being pulled that can cause breakage and hair fall.


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