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Best Online PDF Merge Tools

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The ability to merge PDF files is one of the standout features of the document format that gives users the power to create a new document out of several. Merging PDF files is a simple process and takes only a few clicks with the right PDF splitter tool. Users can choose from several different browser-based tools that let them combine PDFs online. These tools also offer splitting and deleting features so users can trim their large PDF files into smaller, more manageable documents. Whatever the operation, users need to only research the functionality of each tool to find which one works best for them. 

 Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that can also be downloaded to a device like a desktop or a smartphone for offline use. The program features a bevy of essential PDF editing tools like adding/removing text, changing the design and layout of PDF files, and, of course, the ability to merge or split different PDF documents. 

Lumin users can upload as many different documents as they want to the Lumin browser through the Page Tools function. Users need to click this button to open the drop-down menu that displays the various merging, splitting, and deleting functions that the program offers. 

Users can upload a specific file, enter the range of pages they want to delete or merge and then press Merge. Once the file has been merged, users can save it to their Lumin based or cloud-storage program to work on it separately or open it in the browser for further edits. 

 Combine PDF 

Combine PDF is an online-only PDF splitter and combiner that lets users drag and drop their separate files into the browser to merge them into a PDF file. The tool is easy to use and also features other PDF tools like conversion to and from different file types. The user interface is very easy to follow. 

Users can select from any one of the different tabs listed on the site to begin their operation. If users want to convert a file to a PDF they can choose from the seven different file types available. But they can also choose from such basic PDF tools as a PDF compressor, a PDF cropper, and a feature to unlock locked PDFs. 


ILovePDF is an all-encompassing, online PDF tool that also has versions for desktop and smartphone use. The program features a very user-friendly interface on its online browser where users can drag and drop their files into the specific function to begin the operation. Users can choose from several essential tools like compression, merging, splitting, and file conversion. 

The program lets users upload files from either Google Drive or Dropbox to make the operation even easier. The merging and splitting process takes seconds and users can immediately use or send the file anywhere they want. Users can also rearrange the pages of a particular document and merge them in any way they want. 

Soda PDF Chrome Extension

Soda PDF is an online PDF tool that is also available for a free download to a desktop or smartphone for secure offline use. The Soda PDF program can also be installed as an extension to your Google Chrome browser for easier access to all its PDF editing tools like conversion, compression, and merging and splitting. 

Using the merging and splitting tool requires that users drag and drop as many files as they want into the merge page of the program’s browser. Users can upload as many files as they want either through dragging or dropping or by uploading them from their local drive, Google Drive or Dropbox. 

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Soda PDF deletes all files uploaded to its servers after a few hours to ensure complete user safety and privacy. Before performing the merge operation, users can also arrange or rearrange the order of the pages of the documents they want to merge so it comes out exactly as they want it without any disorganization. 


DocuPub is an online PDF editor tool that gives users a wide range of high-performance PDF tools like a PDF converter, a PDF resizer, and a PDF merge/split tool. The site has a basic setup that lets users upload their files to their specific tool to help them perform the function. When merging a file, users can upload up to 24MB per file and in a variety of different formats. 

Users can also download the PDF Merge tool to their desktop to stay secure and not upload their files to the program’s online server. After uploading their files, users can click Merge to begin the process and have their merged file ready in seconds. Once merged, users, can save, send or share their files with anyone. 


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