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Get Healthy Hair with This Daily Regime

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Do you also want to get rid of bad hair days? It’s a thing. Right? 74% of women approve that the bad hair days make them less confident but when it’s in a good form it’s undoubtedly better. Getting into a hair care routine is exactly like a skincare routine once you see changes you rarely skip it. But finding a better routine that suits your hair goal is a bit daunting or if you are thinking about those perfect commercial models with flawless hair it’s good to wish to have that type of hair but they go a bit overboard.

You can have naturally beautiful hair by following some routines and by giving some time to your hair, for example, Mati Marroniis a gorgeous model with beautiful natural hair that she likes to show off with her curves. If you want to get healthy natural hair then follow these routines.

Routines you should follow

Brush before shower

It doesn’t matter what your hair type is. It only takes 60 seconds to brush and detangle your strands that will keep your hair strong because when your hair is wet it is weaker and breakage occurs so always brush the tangles out of your hair when they are dry it has the benefit that brushing dry hair circulates the natural oil from your scalp down to the ends of your hair and the other benefit is when you brush it down before a shower then after a shower it’s already smooth and ready to style.

Cleanse your hair correctly

Cleanliness is important to maintain beautiful and good hair health. While conditioning your hair, applying it on the ends then making it to the scalp it is vital to make sure your scalp is fully hydrated. Leave your conditioner for a full minute then wash it out. You don’t have to condition your hair or shower every day just do it 2- 3 times a week if not possible then at least skip a day.

Don’t shower with hot water. It may feel soothing and steamy but taking a hot shower every day will irritate your scalp and weaken your hair when it grows. Set your water temperature to not so hot and not so cold it has to be just warm.

Oiling is a key

Almond oil is a good choice for your hair. It can dry and damage hair. Before applying, take it in a bowl and heat it for 40 seconds. It will give you better results. Other oils like olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil are also good for your hair growth and health.


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