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Top Sleeve Boxes with trending new hot desings

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Features that make them apart from other Packaging

Have you recently encountered a situation where you buy a shirt from your favourite brand? Have you found yourself around the new style of boxes during your recent visit to the market, that is elegant and different from the old packaging?

Do these boxes inspire you and compel you to buy even if you have no plans to buy? You must be wondering what are these available boxes are used by clothing brands?

Well, to relax your curiosity, these unique and stylish boxes with tray and slide features are the sleeve boxes. The impressive look and style of these sleeve boxes have gained the attention of many businesses across industries.

Retailers and brands are using sleeve boxes for many reasons with unique features such as;


The most obvious reason to prefer sleeve boxes above old or other types of custom boxes is their marketing value. Boxes of this style and class are attractive and eye-catchy no matter how you present and pack your product.

People immediately start noticing your products as soon as they enter any shopping store and want to buy immediately. Sleeve Bath Bomb Packaging boxes reduce your branding and marketing costs through their impressive presence.

To make these boxes more compelling and attractive, you can display your brand logo with relevant colour themes. An extra protective layer of slide and tray-style makes your packaging more attractive and influences customers.


You can use sleeve boxes for packing your product within them to look different from your competitors. If you are still not satisfied with the look of sleeve boxes, you can transform them into desired shapes.

Instant personalization options make sleeve boxes an ideal option to start with. Instead of starting with flat-looking packaging to make them as per your brand-specific look, you can choose sleeve boxes.

Various add-ons like;

  • De bossing
  • Embossing
  • Engraving
  • UV print
  • Die-cut windows

And finishing Coates like glass or matte is available in enough variety to fill your taste buds. Sleeve boxes are available in any colour, shape, or size to match your exact measurement of items.

To make them more elegant and luxurious, you have the option to add layers of materials with extra ribbons.

Printing options

Sleeve boxes with a luxurious look and presentation value are more than enough to attract your target audience. They are already impressed and loyal to your product and brand due to high-class packaging but if you want them to impress further? You can choose from an exhaustive list of available options.

Printing methods and styles vary as per different needs and situations and you have to be careful while choosing one for you. Choosing the wrong printing style for the wrong reasons may cause you severe damage.

Major Options to choose from are;

  • Digital Printing
  • Lithographic printing

You must be clear with your thoughts about choosing the right method of printing. For example, for printing content and printing brand logo. You should be careful while choosing for the right reason and the right style. For example, for testing the idea of finalizing the production.

Wholesale Variety

No packaging can win the status of best packaging until it has many options available for different pockets with different needs. Sleeve boxes are attractive and ideal for any situation and win the confidence of businesses due to their variety.

If you are new in business and want to buy sleeve packaging in a small quantity you can order them. If you are a large manufacturing unit considering them for your large packaging needs? you are free to order.

No matter what is your MOQ, there is an option and supplier available to fill your demand. Besides that, you can avail of amazing discounts if your ordering quantity meets certain criteria.

Choose the packaging supplier for your specific needs that is filling your requirements.

Where to find ideal Sleeve Packaging Boxes?

One can get confused while comparing different offers from different packaging suppliers and may think all as same but that’s not true. Although they all are offering almost identical offers it depends on your specific business needs and operations.

You should consider packaging supplier like urgent boxes that has a lot of experience to serve in different industries. If you are not sure about your packaging style, colours, shapes, or design? Experience and expert packaging supplier is what you need.

For more information on working space medan please visit. 

Their material experts not only know all the ins and outs of packaging materials but guides you to choose the perfect one for your needs. you can ask for your designs or request them to create one for you as per your imagination.

Consult today by visiting them on their website or through 24/7 customer care services.


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